Sunday, August 17, 2008

For those of you who read and pray do a little for me for him

He and his family our good friends of ours and they would appreciate all the love, prayers and support you can give.

For those of you who live in our area keep this event in mind:

On August 30th, there will be a barbeque dinner and DJ at BadenSquare, along with a silent auction, to benefit the Groom family. If you would like to donate anything to the silent auction, you're asked to contact Tammy Cooley at Community National Bank. If you'd like toreserve your spot at the dinner, you need to contact Katie Eastman at 229-3432.

And thanks for any prayer chains or time you have.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hello Everyone. 16 days where does the time go, ya know I use to do most of my posts at my "old job" dont miss that place at all. Just miss staying up on the current events and blogs and friends. Today was an interesting day, lets just say it required stitching 2 patients up today, there is a first for everything and I have a complete understanding as to why it is neccessary to use a scalpel in a dental office. WOW

Anyways check this out I love Summer and Amy and know those 2 brim with TONS O TALENT so keep em checked out.

And I changed my blog to accept posts but nothing, NADA I know I have neglected you but please dont neglect me I could use a hello from my blogger friends, the prison life gets lonely.