Sunday, May 31, 2009

So this is what my Fridays have become. The 45 minute drive to Ponca, praying that Carlee's dad shows up so I am not forced to be her catcher because she throws softballs really really hard I have bruises to prove it. The treat is Starbucks after it makes up for the heat and bug bites. Stupid mean bugs. Saturday we slept in and then had practice at 2 then to the pool we went. MUCH NEEDED I was hot and didnt help with practice that was awful. So I read and lounged at the pool. Then came home and worked on stuff for my bulletin board. This morning I worked on some page kits I am awaiting my invitation for a Friday Night Scrappy Lounge Date (hintn hint) so I plan to prepare. Then at 1 we celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary and I will share those pics tomorrow. I know you are thinking 25? that doesnt add up I thought you were older? Well thanks for thinking that but my parents divorced and then remarried later so theres that explanation. had they stayed married it would have been 38 years in september. Then to the pool cause its hot! Then an hour of pitching and hitting with Carlee. Good thing I am young. WINK WINK

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So here we are at Blackwell lake. Yes such a thing does exist I had to see it for myself but there it is in pictures for you. The lake isnt too far from Bramen Oklahoma but is a fun little spot and you pretty much just share it with Mandys family.
The pics are backwards but you get the jest, Brett (Mandys Brother) had to carry the kids to a certain point then let them slide off the moss covered dam and it was awesome. I did it twice and have the bruises to prove it. nothing like a little liquid courage or the fact that my best friend does it all I gotta be brave. As you can see even though the current was rough I was able to hold down the lawn chair we had bets going I wasnt heavy enough and I would float away but no go I won I am a determined WOMAN!! As you can see I was quite impressed with how close I could close in on the pics with some editing thanks to pointers from Kate Crandell. I WILL be purchasing a new camera but am looking around $300 any advice appreciated curious as to what you got Leslie.
At some point I did have the thought of my mom telling me it wasnt a good idea to allow the only child I gave birth to allow to do this but there were other parents and grandparents there so it wasnt completely wreckless!!
And I did it even though after a 5 hour motorcyle ride with my dad I was wanting and inflatable donut for my butt and the bruises are hurting but all in all not bad. We are both burned and I am sure thats what allowed me to get a nap in with Ryan. Or maybe just the need to be close to him for a while just us...OH and the dog every now and then. TeeHee XOXOXO

Sunday, May 17, 2009

So here is one of my first attempts after taking Kates Go Manual Class yesterday at Scrap Funattic. Granted I do not have a LSR camera and was wondering if I should own one. Right now I feel its best to get to know my camera for what it has to offer and get into its boxers and see what it can do for me.

I went completly manual and set my settings for outdoor pics so we shall see what happens I plan to do lots of practicing so be prepared to look and comment. Comments are important to me for those who understand this stuff. Laura? Kim? You out there? Advice?

I finished another book last night called "A Journal For Jordan" for those of you raising boys its a must for those of you needing a feel good story its a good one. Take time to read it this summer it makes you see things and life in a better light.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

almost a week has passed. BUSY BUSY weekend I was exhausted by sunday morning and we had church, lunch here at 1 and dinner at my in laws sooo tired!

Hubby had a great fishing trip here is his prize winner his personal best

he was pretty stoked to get this his first night! The fishing wasnt too great beyond that but he laughed (which he needed) and had a great time. I didnt do too bad holding down the fort I just exhausted myself.

I already had my dental days, Monday and Tuesday and that monday morning 6am alarm sucked butt OH MY! But the dental days are done until next week. They will be increasing our population soon so its only busier from here!

We have a busy weekend with pitching lessons with Carlee, Photo class for me in Andover, birthday party for Miss Josie and Graduation party sunday. C U SOON!


Friday, May 08, 2009

its 12:03 on a thursday night and I should b sleeping. had house cleaning to do before Ginas shin dig here tomorrow night and I cant always be sure I will be off work early so I had to make sure. most people would say my house was already clean but everyone has standards you know.
she has been wanting to have a party and lives pretty far out so what the heck, hubbys gone its all yours. be fun and she is staying with me which is cool. big girl slumber party.

Ryan went to McGee lake in Oklahoma today and has already caught a 5 pound bass so he is already stoked and happy.

well dogs been pee I must sleep now 6 am will come early and a late night tomorrow night will present itself. then planting saturday, some scrapbooking and card making then sunday church, lunch at my house at 1 and dinner with my mother in law. whew

Saturday, May 02, 2009

So what to say.. still no worm from our dog Blue. I hope his tummy acids did eat it up and we wont have to see it reincarnated.
Went to Scrap Funattic today and did a make and take and picked a few things up as well because it was National Scrapbook Day so why the heck not?
I am prepared to get some pages done when the time comes maybe next weekend. Ryan is going fishing for 4 days so I was thinking about just laying it all out and getting it done. what else do I have to do?
Clean house? Ya that will be done thursday so we shall see.