Friday, May 08, 2009

its 12:03 on a thursday night and I should b sleeping. had house cleaning to do before Ginas shin dig here tomorrow night and I cant always be sure I will be off work early so I had to make sure. most people would say my house was already clean but everyone has standards you know.
she has been wanting to have a party and lives pretty far out so what the heck, hubbys gone its all yours. be fun and she is staying with me which is cool. big girl slumber party.

Ryan went to McGee lake in Oklahoma today and has already caught a 5 pound bass so he is already stoked and happy.

well dogs been pee I must sleep now 6 am will come early and a late night tomorrow night will present itself. then planting saturday, some scrapbooking and card making then sunday church, lunch at my house at 1 and dinner with my mother in law. whew