Thursday, April 29, 2010

What got me here?

So do you ever set back and wonder what got you where you were today? I honestly remember growing up my dad sitting my sister and I on the counter in the bathroom until we brushed and flossed. I am pretty sure that explains my obsession with teeth and my observance with it.

But the blood draw phlebotomy thing? The 120 hours of clinicals I have less than a month to finish. Mind you I need like 50 more hours. UGH. Well last year I had to go get a breast MRI due to a lump in my left breast. The girl who gave me the IV wasnt so great on the right hand by the time she was digging and went on to the left I was sick and passed out.

I hope to never do that to anyone inmate or not. I stick once and try to be confident thats it I dont wanna hurt or make anyone never want to get another stick again.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picking the wrong season?

I have lots of loves. And maybe this love of reading has grown more over the last year. Maybe winter is the best time to have 5 books piled I am wanting to read. Kaitlyn has gotten me interested in several with her blog shout outs or her Good Reads list.

Today I went to Brace Books in Ponca City, OK and got lost in happiness. I have an on going list of books I wanna read. I bought a new and 2 used the used were $4 a piece. How nice is it to know that you will have to buy the book cause the Kansas Library system doesnt have it and you can pay $4 for one?

So poor Ryan deadheaded all my flowers while I got lost at the bookstore and his back didnt need it and then I came home and bagged it up.

So reading now is "The Girls From Ames" its about a group of 11 girls who are friends anywhere from birth or connecting in Jr High. Next will be the YaYa Sisterhood books. I have the first two and am excited!

Off to read now..


Saturday, April 24, 2010

80's baby So Shandra loves to for her 40th she had an 80's theme party so please enjoy the pics

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Upon DC's Request

Here are some of the layouts I completed at Crop Camp. I will add some more another day but for today please enjoy

Monday, April 12, 2010


Enjoy will post Crop Camp soon!!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hello..and Goodbye

Tomorrow morning at 10am the caravan will arrive at my casa and off to Spring Crop Camp 2010 we will go. A much needed break, no housework, no homework, no work, no clinicals. No me cooking, no cleaning for me, just me for me. Nice thought huh? If you havent ever gone to scrapbook for the weekend you should its good for the Mental Health. I promise


Saturday, April 03, 2010

Wait? Was that a week? Geesh

I cannot even begin to tell you what I did Monday Tuesday and Wednesday except for work and prepare.  Thursday was Taylor Swift and 208 pictures (OMG!) later I hope Carlee caught the memory digitally that she wanted to preserve. She was SUPAH excited and I LOVED Kelly Pickler. She had GLITTER SILVER HIGH HEELS. Yep its true sooo H-O-T!

Friday I went to work at the Correctional Facility at 7am took off at 2pm went to see Hubby cause lately I forget what he looks like. I kiss him in the morning while he is asleep and kiss him goodnight while he is asleep. I went to the hospital to start clinicals was there until 11 got home took a bath to thaw out IT WAS COLD in the lab. Then to bed at Midnight at 5:30 the alarm went off and even our dog Blue tried covering it up with his paw but he has no opposable thumbs so every 5 minutes I had to quiet it for him. He didnt even get out of bed with me he just scooted to my side! Nice so another 8 hours of work and then home to collapse. Its now 10pm on a Saturday night and I am done. Worn out and crashing for a long long sleep.