Sunday, April 25, 2010

Picking the wrong season?

I have lots of loves. And maybe this love of reading has grown more over the last year. Maybe winter is the best time to have 5 books piled I am wanting to read. Kaitlyn has gotten me interested in several with her blog shout outs or her Good Reads list.

Today I went to Brace Books in Ponca City, OK and got lost in happiness. I have an on going list of books I wanna read. I bought a new and 2 used the used were $4 a piece. How nice is it to know that you will have to buy the book cause the Kansas Library system doesnt have it and you can pay $4 for one?

So poor Ryan deadheaded all my flowers while I got lost at the bookstore and his back didnt need it and then I came home and bagged it up.

So reading now is "The Girls From Ames" its about a group of 11 girls who are friends anywhere from birth or connecting in Jr High. Next will be the YaYa Sisterhood books. I have the first two and am excited!

Off to read now..