Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cookies and Crafts 2010

Lena and Carlee
 Thanks to all of you who have kept our family in your prayers lately. Mayo was a promising trip and my in laws will be returning to get some follow up stuff done. Nuff said we just appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

Today was the Annual Cookies and Crafts at Dan and Kathy Johnsons house. We had a blast. As you can see lots of cookie decorating; lots of crafting. About a dozen kids and seven ladies and it was great. Not stressful; just alot of fun kaos :)

The adult ladies did a Cookie exchange my first ever. It was worth baking 7 dozen cookies let me tell you all the different yummy cookies I got in return were well worth it. The girls got into the hot tub after; only the little ones though dang it. I still havent got to get into that tub! If I dont post again before Christmas I wish you all the best and love with your family! XOXO
All the yummy cookies

My beautiful ornament

Carlee Hot Tubbin

Lena Hot Tubbin

Kathy, I and Gina

Monday, December 06, 2010

So much going on~Father In law

So Saturday at noon Traci my sister in law and mother in law and father in law left for Rochester, Minnesota. They checked KG into Mayo clinic at 6:30am this morning and a lot of tests began. They found out that his tremors are not Parkinsons which we are thankful for, but no explanation to it either. The infectious disease doctor believes that he should be feeling ALOT better with how his Histo levels are, since he isnt they believe that how he feels is caused by something else. So this is where the investigating begins. They took blood; urine and cultures from his lypmh node under his arm where it has been draining.

Tuesday (Tomorrow) at 11:15am he will get a CT Scan done.

On Thursday at 4pm they will meet with the specialist to go over all of the tests.

Monday at 9:30am he will get a full internal exam; unless someone else cancels and IF they are sitting right there in the waiting room when they do, he will get in sooner.

They are staying at a Hotel right connected to Mayo which gives them an underground tunnel entrance to Mayo which is nice because the high in Rochester is like -12 degrees. YES NEGATIVE NO TYPING ERROR HERE!

Wanna say thanks to the Biddles for all their support; My Family the Strobels we took Josie out for a Strobel evening since her Mama is gone. Bless her heart we had her out until 11pm Saturday night; looking at lights; eating out, shopping etc. Pretty sure we passed her bed time. My dad mentioned at 8:45pm that it was passed his bed time. She said it was real close to hers LOL

Keep the prayers going and I will keep my blog updated as Ryan gets them during the day.