Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wheres the love?

Thats pretty much my new saying lately when I feel someone or someones just arent being nice. I cannot believe I went 3 weeks without posting but lifes just been too much. Carlee and I went to Emporia last weekend for the State Softball Tourney it was fun but exhausting I do not know how she does it and still wants to go go go cause I can barely just go.
Lots accomplished today at home, laundry, made pretzels and granola. Now I am just TIRED and wiped out.
I am preparing for a 4 day hiatus of scrapbooking with my Sis in law and chicas, leaving Thursday at 1130 am so I hope all goes good here at the casa. I worry about that when I am gone. Prolly normal huh?

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Hello There:Shrimp Boil Anyone?

So 4th of July we spent lunch at the Dust Farmstead and then Carlee and I headed to Ark City the Helvy's House. It was our First Shrimp Boil and it was soo cool! We appreciated the invite from Tina and Ryan and it was so neat to watch how its all done. It also helps that the food ROCKED!!

As you can see Mini Me Carlee is as tall as me now. No she wasnt standing on a rock, brick or log its the truth she is as tall as me and its crazy. Another cool thing is that there wasnt a single boy there until really late. So as you can see "The Pyro Chicks" named by Barry, Pat and Ryan had a blast on their own and were careful even with the littler ones.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

Blackwell Lake:Yes it exists and humans reside there

So here is where Carlee and I spent our day yesterday. We went and spent the day with Mandy My BFF's family and her new hubs and his kids. There were so many of us you would forget to count until its dinner. Granted it wasnt sunny but seriously does that matter. You are gonna get wet in the water so rain isnt a big deal. The kids swam, fished, swam, slid on the mossy damn and just had fun.

Mandy and I made onion rings for like 20 people. That is no joke seriously the amount of people there you just quit counting when you run out of fingers and toes its so great. The family has always taken Carlee and I in and treated us as one of their own. We have always felt welcome no matter where they are camping and are lucky to have them in our lives.