Sunday, December 30, 2007

So it is going to happen. The 1st organizational post on this website will occur 1 week from today next Sunday. All new posts will happen then, there will be all aspects of your life that we will cover. From the kitchen to the bathrooms and in March it will be all scrapbooking to prepare for Spring Crop Camp. Yep you better believe it how great is that!
So mark your calendars to check with me on Sunday January 6th and every Sunday after that my goal is to have the posts up by noon on that day to get you a little jump start for the week. If you have suggestions throw them at me I have been researching for January so I hope you feel what I have dug up is helpful.
These pics are of my Clip It Up Danelle Curtis requested these today so I promised to post them. If you have questions about how these are organized please post on here and I will answer as best as I can :)

Monday, December 24, 2007

Nice huh? Nothing like being woke up on a Saturday morning to "MOM ITS SNOWING!" Even at 10 we still do this. Weird thing is that when the dog had to go out side to pea at 8 am it was freezing rain how could this happen in such a short period of time?

Everyone who knows me knows that this skinny bitch totally hates cold wet weather. BUT I am getting better considering thats all we have gotten every weekend for the last few weekends.

I am tollerating though only because of my cute rain boots Ryan got me. Dont they rock!!

Well I will post a whole extravaganza of Christmas pics hopefully tomorrow evening before I iron my clothes for work but these should tide you over.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just one more:

So I have been a busy girl today finishing up projects and pages. All of these are for the Aweso{Me} Class I take with Summer at the Attic that is just a wonderful class every time, we are allowed to do our own thing and I love that!

The 1st picture is "Where I Come From" page I took this of my parents house today, lots of white about 1 1/2" at this point.

Page 2 and 3 are "My Collection" Pages the original design only called for 1 page but I obviously needed more room.

The last one was a challenge, I know I am behind but we were to document something embarrassing so that was mine :)

Sleep Tight!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am feeling a little like Rev Run now as I contemplate my day. Crazy at work but a little girlfriend time and the movie "White Chicks" and watching them dance to "It's Tricky" By Run DMC and my rapping if you call it that episode on Friday night all put it into perspective.

How many friends do you have that you can eat with, karoke with even if you suck really bad and the game tells you so, show up at their house in your jammies cuddle up on their couch and laugh soo hard your cheeks hurt and chat serious too?

The last 5 years I have been truley blessed with some of the best girlfriends I could have and we can support one another through it all. And its NOT WHINING its VENTING there is a proper term ya know?

To all my friends old and new THANK YOU and I am here for you always.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A little back ground for those who have gotten to know me recently and for Connie, Carol Jean and Aunt Bo the family who already know these couples. The 1st set is my Grandpa Floyd and my Grandma Bertie Gearhardt. I believe that picture was taken when they lived in Durango Colorado when my grandfather worked for the railroad. My Grandma Bertie left us in 95 not too long after I graduated highschool, she was the babysitter and who we went to when we were sick, we didnt need our mamas we had Grandma Bertie. My grandpa Floyd passed away a few days after Christmas almost 2 years ago and that impact alone he had on me will stay forever.
The second set is my Grandma Donna Jean and Grandpa Lloyd Strobel. I lost my grandpa Lloyd when I was a sophmore and miss him everyday and see soo much of my dad in him. I learned my hard work ethics from him and know why I carried that name for along time. My grandma Donna or Grammy Grape as she is known to Carlee is still with us and I hope to keep it that way for awhile. I havent learned how to make chicken and noodles or embroider or those darn sugar cookies that melt in my mouth. Boy sounds like her and I have alot to do :)
Ok this whole poll thing is going pretty well. It 1. Verifies to me that at least 5 people read my blog and 2. Scarily enough people trust me to help them organize more time into their day. So for those 5 that voted tell me what you would like tips on :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Yep we are some cool hot karoke chicks, yep yep. That us having fun with Shandra's girls Christmas present. Hey... now we had to make sure it worked and get the games figured out for them :) Nothing like a little Run DMC to "Its Tricky" to get the party started!! Kathy will have video on her blog and its HILARIOUS!!

Saturday was Aweso{Me} in Andover. I just love that class, and I always feel like I am at home at that store, so fun, friendly and cozy and so free to do your own thing and I love Summer for that.

Well the last picture is what we woke up to Sunday morning, me not a happy camper, cleaning off my car to go to Dillons sucked but I appreciated it today because it didnt require any work. Got rain and lightening coming down now I am guessing just waiting to freeze. I have a referee album to finish that is all KU and KU Colors goes over not so well in a house with a K State graduate and an OSU Pokes fan! Those Hawks have been endangered since they got home with me in a shopping bag!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Carlee took this picture of her snowflake on our Christmas tree; but its the best Christmas tree picture we have ever had. What a great angle!!
Hey Ladies~

I know I have been demanding lately asking for stuffs from you all but here I go again.

Miss Carlee is having a difficult time, her dad and Melissa have decided to "breakup" as she calls it and she seems to be ok for now but only time will tell. Yesterday she was testy and short so we reevaluated the attitude and moved forward.

Just keep her in your mind this week for me she will appreciate it more than she knows.