Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well here are some pics, more later, lots of editing to do and some scanning but please do enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hey Everyone!! Miss me? The trip was amazing I plan to post some what of a slideshow this evening for you so bear with me. After 7 loads of laundry washed and put away I am still recovering a bit but looking pretty tan and looking forward to watching Kenny LIVE Friday night. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Yes I am going to surrender to my own demise.

I have 4 to-do/pack lists all piled up on the bar in the kitchen. If I forget something its probably because I am completly over obsessing.

I did pedicures for my mom and aunt last night took about 3 hours not too bad I was working tandem on em both. Carlee gets hers Friday night and I will just repaint mine. We have a so called "free night" tonight she has a Girl Scouts Meeting, I have nothing. Tomorrow night a performance for choir. I am off Friday plan to finish up laundry, pack, make a nice dinner for the fam and do some more toes.

I have all kinds of things spinning in my head that need to be done, now I just gotta get motivated, take some time and get it done. Huh?

Monday, April 14, 2008

OK I have to admit, it was a heckuva lot easier getting up this morning knowing that next Monday morning when I wake up it will be on a cruise ship in the ocean heading towards my first port. :)

The weekend was just crazy, Carlee got a lesson learned in not wanting to do what she was told. Therefore there was no skating, she was asked why she didnt do her chores "I didnt want to" Well guess what you arent going skating or anything else this weekend hows them apples.

Saturday we played with Lydia (4) and Jose (6 months) while there dad got some rest. He had a heart scare Friday and spent the night in the hospital so I relieved a friend of theirs and took the girls for the afternoon and made them dinner. Then went to visit the family in AC before the big cruise.

Yesterday was church, grovery store, big lunch and packing. And more packing, then panic set in. I cannot go 7 days not without talking to my husband so now I am trying to figure out what I can do. Its not going to work I have to be able to talk to him even if its briefly.

Well 4 1/2 days of work, thats it, then to 80 degree weather, good food, sand and sun. So Ready!

Friday, April 11, 2008

To My Aweso{me} Instructor Mrs. Summer Crook:

I read thru the Attic Blog today that May will be our last class together. I cannot thank you enough for the last year, I am always so proud and excited every time I complete a page, do my homework or finish a layout just for MOI!

Thank you, you are so talented. All the girls last weekend at Crop Camp loved your Aweso{me} talent and ideas and techniques. I appreciate you helping me leave a little bit of myself behind for my only child and letting her see the things that make me who I am.

I wont be there tomorrow, but I will be there in May so that I can get a picture with us together for my album because I never could have done it without you!

Hugs and Prayers and Best Wishes! I hope you once you get things sorted you will guide us again, I will miss you!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Loving all the slideshows of Crop Camp here is Tracy's

And Kathy's these are great!! Anyone else?

Seriously ladies you make my day so much better when I can get a little smile checking these out!! THANK YOU!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Just a quick note if you are interested in the wardrobe for the weekend:

Friday: Vintage Crop Camp T-Shirt, there will be a special one and if you are wearing it prizes are involved and no you cannot wear them all at once.

Saturday: The new one for this weekend, of course we have pics Duh!

Sunday: Fall 07 Crop Camp shirts the pretty turquiose and brown one.

Now doesnt that help you to know what clothes to pack for the weekend. Its ok no thanks needed here you can thank me tomorrow XOXOXOXO

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

HELLO LADIES!! This will probably be the last post unless the earth shifts tomorrow night and i have extra time somewhere.

I cannot tell you how great it is to read blogs and have ladies say that they are packing less and have page kits because of me. Its nice to hear that the research and rewriting again and again of classes pays off. Each and all of you whether you have been to Crop Camp or taken a class with me all mean so much to me. Each of you give me a different smile because of you talent and personalities and how you give and add something different in my life that I didnt have before you all became a part of it.

I got up this morning knowing we would be headed to the camp and 2 things gave me a BIG smile 1. STARBUCKS! Hello! Come to me and 2. Even though preparing and hosting Crop Camp does require time from all 3 of us its worth it. Its worth it because you ladies appreciate it and tell us you appreciate it, whether its in words or cards or just watching you all have fun over the weekend and laugh and sing, its all worth it. We love all of you and cannot wait to spend a weekend with you all.