Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To My Sweet Daughter

Yes, its true I am old enough to give birth to a soon to be 14 year old. Please no applause needed LOL Anyways Miss Carlee will turn 14 at 4:41 PM tomorrow. I will be taking her lunch and then we are going to dinner. After that Danelle and Laura and 40 some other people will be attending the Coupon 101 class at the Rec. I gotta afford her expensive taste somehow! GEESH!

Yep theres just a few. Excuse me while I go to cry XOXO

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Journaling Time!

Had a GREAT 4 hours at Shandra's house helping her organize her scrapbook stuff. Is she on restrictions from buying certain items HECK YA!! Ladies her garage sale pile was growing and growing!

Will have pics of Carlee's birthday as soon as I figure out where she stored them!

Here is some journaling..I am doing a bit here and there so I can reflect so keep checking back and post that you read this.


1. List 10 rules you have broken. Why did you break them? Were there any negative consequences? positive consequences? 
Need time on this one.

2. Think of the place that you consider to be home, even if you don't live there anymore. Why is that place "home"?
My parents house. No matter what its just a safety; relaxing place for me 

3. What experience have you had that inspired you the most?
Surviving a divorce and never thinking I understood LOVE but I was blessed.
Breaking my elbow; pretty humbling when EVERYONE has to help you do little things like, pee, bathe, learning to do things with your hand that wasnt the one you were dominant with.


In honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, here are today's prompts:

1. "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

Write about a time that you did not remain silent about something that mattered.

2. "Everybody can be great...because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love."

Write about a time you served someone. A time when you felt your soul "generated by love."

3. "I have a dream that one day... little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

Do you remember being aware of race when you were a child? Did you have friends of another race? If not, do you remember the first time you did?



Today's theme is "fun". Since it's icy and cold and awful outside my window I could use some fun.

1. In which season do you have the most fun? Summer Write about some things you do for fun, and the people you do them with.

2. Describe a time you had fun with a child. Was the child older or younger? Do you think children are more fun when they are younger or when they are older?

3. Do you play video games? NO!
Do you play any MMORPGs? If so, why do you like them? What appeals to you about the "society" of gaming? If you play an MMORPG, do you have a "family" in the game?



Since I'm still wanting to escape from the icy winter conditions we have here, today's theme is "escape" and "travel."

1. What are some of the oddest things you've ever eaten? What were the circumstances? Where were you? Who was with you?

2. Write about the most exotic place you've visited. Remember the weather, the smells, the sounds...Is there one event from that trip that stands out above all others?

3. If money were no object where would you go on your dream vacation? Would you go alone? If not, who would go with you? Why is this the dream vacation? What is it about this place that draws you there?



Today's theme is "people."

1. If you could have dinner with someone currently alive who would that be? Why did you chose this person?

2. Write about someone you believe is a true hero. Why do you feel that way? Does this person fit into the "traditional" definition of "hero" or is it something else?

3. Think back on the past five years. Who has helped you grow the most? Define "grow" how you want -- emotionally, spiritually, professionally...



No particular theme today since I have to go to work early. I took these from Journal Prompts

1. Write about what someone would see in your closet right now. [this one jumped out at me because I started cleaning my closet yesterday... oy!]
Clothes; shoes; purses; pedicure stuffs and boxes with treasures

2. What personality types drive you crazy? Why do you think they do?

3. Name five moments in your life so far that you believe you will remember happily in your old age.



1. Are you similar or different to the person you were ten years ago.

2. This week was _________________. Why?

3. List 20 things you cherish about your best friend/partner/spouse.

Source is the same as yesterday

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A week of journaling all today..just for me and you too!

Yesterday and today I completed ALOT of my "ToDo" list. If I didnt make a list I wouldnt get anything done. It reminds me and encourages me especially when I am able to mark off things off the list so thats beneficial to my well being.

Today or really this evening I helped Kathy pack 13 page kits for Crop A Ganza and this was done in less than two hours ladies. So really it IS possible!

So on to the WHOLE week of journaling prompts because I just didnt get to them I guess.

Monday, January 10

*Am I happy with my job, life, and situation? Yes to all 3 What parts are good?Love my job, but its frustrating, I have to use the answer "Im not a Nurse" ALOT! What parts are bad? I wish my husband could be pain free and happy and active its quite frustrating to be so active alone.

* What are you thankful for?  My family and my job. So many people have lost jobs; marriages falling apart around me. I am just trying to hold on.

*When have you realized you were really wrong in your judgment about someone?  I trusted someone to be really genuine about our friendship when you realize its only a useful relationship when they need something. So over that, you should only appreciate your friends.

Tuesday, January 11

*What are you pessimistic about? 
People being able to heal. Even working in the healthcare field I want to be able to make my loved ones better.

*Make a list of five ways you've changed in the last five years. 

1) Im happier going to work everyday
2) I feel I have more time for my family
3) I get the chance to learn every day and Im learning to be a good listener and less an automatic opinionator.
4)More open to change but less travel, and sleep more
5) I read alot more than I ever did

What changes do you wish to make in the next five years?
I want to learn to coupon and save money which is a neccessity for us right now
2) I want to get more active as far as walking or biking
3) Journal more, I have 4 years left with Carlee I wanna remember it all
4) Get Ryan surgery and on the road to healing
5)Make the changes in my house that have been on my TODO list for a while

*When's the last time you made a new friend?  
Last weekend when I taught. Several Actually!

Wednesday, January 12

*What is your earliest memory?
Me and my Big Wheel at our house in Larned. Why has it stayed with you? That was before my parents seperated (they remarried later) and we were all outside and me and my Mickey Mouse Big Wheel were haulin and peelin concrete.

*What is the most frustrating part of who you are?  
My Hair, not straight, not curly just all crazy.

*What are your simple pleasures?  
Hot bath and a good book
Thursday, January 13 

*What are the last 10 books you've read?  
Oh wow so many, Loving Frank, Oh wow let me add to this later.

*What are some adjectives that describe you?  
Organized, high strung, energetic

*Did you have a favorite aunt or uncle?  
Yes, my Aunt Becky

Friday, January 14 

* The people that bring out the best in me are: 
My scrapbook friends, I can laugh and snort and wear my jammies and not wear makeup and there is no judging its just all fun.

*The greatest lesson that I have taught someone else is... WOW
um I dont know

*Things that I hope are better next year are... 
My father in laws health, My husbands health, The family business.

Saturday, January 15
*10 ways that I can help someone else are...  

1) Be a good listener
2) Help only when asked
3) give and opinion only when asked
4) encourage them to be strong
5) let them know they are valuable to me
6) Tell them I love them
7) tell them what they mean to me
8) let them know they are appreciated
9) never take advantage of them
10) be a backbone when they cant

*Describe yourself physically and emotionally - what makes you who you are in these areas?
Physically I would like to say strong but not bench pressure. Emotionally I try to be strong but get frustrated and hold things in because I dont like to upset people

So thats it. Alot to read and fill free to fill in anything that I missed if you wish. I would love to hear from my friends.


Sunday, January 09, 2011

Journaling And Reflection

So Yes yesterday was amazing and fun and so inspiring. Even as I am teaching organization getting to brainstorm about new ways to organize and see other peoples ways are just so motivating. As they are writing TO DO lists I myself am to!
I met 11 new ladies and hope to continue to keep in contact and scrapbook with them. Oh and Ladies. I have your names, those who are going to Crop A Ganza I will be there. I will find your seat. I will check in on you. LOL Scary Stuff HUH?

Journaling Prompts from the week are below, if you are interested please join in and linky me. You can see the original post here

*The greatest lesson that I have taught someone else is...
Today after yesterday I would say to organize; do a little something nice for someone and dont expect payback; hope they pay it forward.

*When I think about my interests, talents, gifts and passions I know that I am...
Reading for my sanity; scrapbooking to preserve memories so they dont get lost; making people laugh because we all need it; always willing to learn. I know that I am on this earth for a reason and I may not know that reason until the day I leave but everyone is giving a purpose and I hope I am filling that purpose.

*Write a letter of appreciation to someone special:
This will be done private I am sure you understand


Saturday, January 08, 2011

OH WOW Can I just say amazing!!

Today was the first organizational class I have taught it over 3 years! 3 Years Ladies but it was OH MY WOW. I will talk and chat tomorrow, but now its bed and bath time :) ok and just a little organizing with some new product :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

1-2-11 Lets Hope

I thought it best I go ahead and try to get this done now. I plan to get my meals planned for the week and head to the grocery store which requires putting clothes on and not my penguin suit robe as my family calls it so here goes.

*Within the next 3 months, I plan to...

Be less flustered each time I come home after a 12 hour day to a messy kitchen. Its always gonna be there I need to accept the things that bother me dont always bother other people.

*The thing I wish other people would get about me is...
I need quiet to think. When I ask for SHUSH time I am not mad there is enough kaos going on in my head please do not add to it.

*Describe yourself spiritually
This is something I am working on now with the help of a friend so I really cannot answer this.

Saturday, January 01, 2011

1-1-11 Its Even Harder To Write

So I am going to to try this journaling thing that Pink Mocha has on Two Peas here is the link so here are todays prompts you can pick 1 or 3 so lets try this:

I plan to accomplish the following three things this year... 
1) Plan all my meals every week to cut down on expenses and be better with coupons
2)Document more things in Pictures or Journaling
3)Learn to blog from my Nook and not get frustrated
*Five years from now I plan to be....
1)Not crying every day because Carlee will be in college (note to self; find another pet to keep Blue and I occupied and not make Ryan crazy.

*Ten memories from the past year are....
1)Taking Carlee to her first concert
2)Taking and completing my phlebotomy course and surviving 40 hour work weeks plus clinicals
3)Wondering why with all the medical technology my father in law cannot get better
4)Seeing all my family together in October including my dads side. This year I believe we got to see everyone
5)My Youngest couison and his girlfriend have been together 10 years and just got engaged on Christmas Day.

more to come...