Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Look and Organization

You and I both can thank Laura with Elephant Juice Designs for my AWESOME! blog header. Isnt it gorgeous? I am more excited to blog to see this upgrade. She is an amahzing designer and photographer!
Here are the organizational videos for Scrap Funattic make sure you watch all 3 parts. The first one is red the other 2 pink and please let me know what you think and if you have comments or questions.  Thanks for your support!



Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well Hello There Ladies.

The WONDERFUL Laura has completed editing Miss Carlee's picture please check them out here click on Carlee 13 password miller. She is going to redo my blog like she did Danelles so I am excited to make this little piece of my life "me"

I have been preparing the ADay Studio in preps for Flip Video with Danelle tomorrow for Scrap Funattic. I have so many things to say I hope noone gets bored listening to me chat.

I went to the grocery store last night and had the next 4 days of meals planned. Today at 11 hubby decided that Chicken Salad sounded good. Well this requires ANOTHER trip to the store and an hour and a half of slicing and dicing. SERIOUSLY but its done should feed him for a few days and give me a break I guess.

Keep posted I will link the video when its up. If you have any things you will like covered over in organization please post here.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pictures of Carlee's Birthday Weekend in Stillwater! This is her cousin Morgan from El Reno. Both girls were such dolls. But seriously they laughed in hysterics all the way home playing with flarp that made farting noises. Their laughs were catching and such a breath of fresh air for me. I would take those 2 anywhere...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Beautiful Daughter The pictures are Carlee 13 password miller
13 years ago tomorrow January 27 I gave birth to my only child. I actually started labor with her on December 27 but the doc decided it wasnt time. She needed time to grow. I am pretty sure all the shots they gave me to help develop her lungs are still working well.
at 4:54 pm it will be official she will be 13. I think of all the things her and I have endured. She has been a champion, course she was only 2 when her dad and I divorced but in 2002 she had to share me for the 1st time when I remarried. She is a resiliant little teen(eek) and her obsession with pets I hope stays strong. She is planning to attend Cowley(black and orange hello!) then on to be Vet at OSU(black and orange) following in her Uncle Shawns footsteps. There are days I get frustrated, but she is quite an independent child, and very resourceful at home for me especially with life being very demanding right now. Her name derived from her dads middle name Carl and my moms, grandma Gearhardts and his grandmothers middle name Lee. I wanted to do double "L's" but thank goodness I didnt its hard enuf getting "E's" as a scrapbooker :) her middle name Jean is my grandmother Strobels middle name is Jean, full name Donna Jean but she goes by Jean.  A little of worry sets in I am thankful to have her but wonder what it would be like to have a child with Ryan, but last check of the crystal ball it wasnt seen. I still pray every day that I am thankful what Carlee and I have been thru and am glad that her and I have grown and learned life together. Much Love to Miss Carlee and at 4:54 pm tomorrow she officially is a teen and you may hear me freaking out from the top of the hill at the Correctional Facility. Wish Me Luck XOXO

Monday, January 25, 2010

So yesterday I channeled a little Reese(Witherspoon) and did this Scrap Funattic 1st Evah Organizational Video I was a nervous wreck waiting to see this and how it turned out. The butterflies are gone and I am soo happy the ideas are a flowing and I should be a studying!

If you have questions or ideas please post em so we can cover them and I will always link this from my block that day as well.

Thanks for the support


Sunday, January 24, 2010

I soon will be posting pictures from our Birthday trip to Stillwater yesterday. Carlee turns 13 on Wednesday which is pretty scary.  We did have a great time and I hope that Carlee loves all the new OSU stuff she found.
I got home around 7 and went straight to studying. I have one more chapter to get thru and prepare for Danelle to come visit today for something for the Attic's Blog.

C U Soon

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lesson Learned Today:Always Ask
I havent been able to find my tweezers for 2 days and there was some stray eyebrows that needed some attention before they looked like antennas. So on my way downstairs to borrow from Ryan I casually asked Carlee if she knew where my tweezers were. Silly me I thought I had them stashed in an organized way that I only knew they were there. Thats the punishment of being organized everyone can find your stuff TOO!
Anyways so she says "Ya hold on" and comes out of the living room with them. At this point I feel it is in my best interest to ask what they were being used for. Her reply "To feed Pete (the Gecko) his worms.
EWWW GROSS!! I couldnt use em. The thought of smashed meal worm guts connecting to my face did me in. I will be using burning alcohol on those before bed. IICCK!

OMGoodness have you seen these?  Cutie Pie Baskets I hope I am not still on bag restriction cause I am thinking that one at the bottom would be so DARN HANDY!!

Well just a little break from studying. I am starting Chapter 2 the reading is easy its the 22 pages of workbook that follow that are killing me and I have to have up to Chapter 3 done before Tuesday EEK!

I broke away for an hour to watch Carlee cheer this evening. I havent been able to watch her cheer at all so I knew it was important as a Mama to catch some of this and support her. Bless her heart her legs are like flamingos!

Saturday Carlee will be joining the talented Mrs. Laura Elephant Juice Photography for a photo shoot. She has changed alot in the last year and I wanna capture this, and Pete the Gecko and Blue our furbaby. Then Carlee and I some quality time for her 13th birthday. Pretty excited about that.


Monday, January 18, 2010

well so much for renaming the blog. I guess I have become such a slacker that only Shandra, Laura and Danelle read my blog but not everyday.

Something will come I guess. SO I am working on Crop Camp stuff, I know I know dont panic its in April but me I am going OMGOODNESS ITS IN APRIL THIS IS JANUARY HOLY SCHNIKEES!! Check out all the info here if you havent been in a while, check it out we offer different packages now.

So I am working on emailing vendors and getting donations. We have picked the Cowley County Humane Society so we all are SUPAH excited to get great things for them. Even pets suffer in this economy and are given up. I see some of these furry creatures at work and watch how patient and understanding the inmates are and how great they train them so it will be nice to reward those fuzzy creatures.


Friday, January 15, 2010

So how was everyones week? I have decided as I am about to begin a really hectic next few months I have decided to do a giveaway. I have quite a few really nice scrapbook kits. So I will give one away in a random drawing to those who comment on this post. I am going to rename my blog because obviously I am not scrapbooking as much as I use to. Not that I dont want to its just other things take priority. I miss the creativity no doubt.
Right now Ryan is 21 days smoke free he has avoided 419 cigarettes!! He has been a completly different person in an amazing way. He is using the new E-Cig he orders from here if you have tried quitting and couldnt PUHLEASE look into this. He has smoked since he was 18 and tried it all. He never went thru the grouchies thank goodness.
Anyways off to the giveaway you have until MIDNIGHT SUNDAY NIGHT! I need a new name for my blog so knowing what you know about me and my life I want something catchy. HECK I will do 2 prizes if there are 20 entries or more. 1 for the random and one for the name my family picks.  Feel free to share with your friends!!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

So as always a busy week. Bout to chill for a bit to continue reading "Getting Things Done" I HAVE to finish this book before I start my Phlebotomy Class Tuesday.

For the book readers and DANELLE! You must read "Bitter is the new black" by Jen Lancaster I am out hunting for more of her books. The Winfield Library and the Kansas Library System has NONE of her books so a purchasing I will go but the FUNNIEST BOOK EVAH!

To Mrs Dusti:Girl I miss you out at the prison. Blah Blah days now even though you were only there 20 hours a week it was a better 20 hours cause of you.

We celebrated Kathy Johnsons 48th birthday this evening at Nieves I SO missed seeing the girls and we have the next 4 months planned with events for get togethers including my birthday PJ and Popcorn Movie Night at my casa, this will be happening in March so check back here for the details.

Off to read now.


Monday, January 11, 2010

So I am going to be available to be viewed by anyone. I guess until the guys from I and I tell me I shouldnt make myself so public...again.

I miss being able to share with people that arent "approved" and I try to be funny I guess sometimes. So feel free to share. Lots to come, reading 2 books right now would love to hear what everyone else is reading as well.

Laura I am looking forward to pics with Carlee I have an idea wall to share with you  A dream I have always wanted to accomplish with this house. So we can chat. Tell me your thoughts.


Saturday, January 09, 2010

So here is new obsession. I am still tweaking my way of noting things on the sheet on the right, so as it evolves I will share. this my dear friends is a Moleskine Large Weekly Planner. As you can see by the first picture it is the outside generally they are basic and look like this So I am a scrapbooker did you expect for it to stay plain long? NAAA! SO there for the end result. A button and some rub ons and we ar ready to go. Next in the back I created 1 page dedicated to "Books to Read" and "Movies to see" with 2 tabs that I had from a Heidi Swapp kit. These have an accordian pocket in the back so I have a small address book slid into it. The reminder stickers are from they are ok but I have several sheets I wont use like "car pool" but its all good.
After researching some hacks I used my handy dandy We R Memory Keepers Crop A Dile to make inverted circle to create a tab like a dictionary for each month. I am trying now to get through the book "Getting Things Done" parts of it are handy for me so I am pressing on. I have several books I never finished BUT NEVER an organizational type one and I WILL NOT let this one beat me!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Seriously Funny You Tube "Crafty"
Take time to watch and enjoy. I decided to kick it old school and show Carlee how to make jello. Serious she thought it only came in little easy to serve containers. Mom showed her differently. After that we decided to have tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner(a favorite comfort food for her and I) well one of the grilled cheeses was slippin off the plate I caught it at an angle on the botto part. The unfortunate thing is the top half slid onto my left hand, I violently shook it off but not before I burned 2 fingers. Not sure of the damage yet, the nurse(aka mom) says that will show tomorrow. FAB U LOUS!!


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So the word around my house that I have been a bit grouchy..

I slightly mentioned this to Ryan and he might have something about that he has been timid about talking to me about things in fear of biting his head off.

Little Me? OH why would that be.

Its either A:I didnt take my Celexa for over a week due the pharmacy closing early, and it was a holiday and they were closed and yadda yadda. Maybe I am a procrastinator and expect them to give me my medication the day I run out because WHY THE HECK DO YOU HAVE TO CLOSE EARLY WHEN I HAD TO WORK A 10 HOUR DAY? HUH?

Anyways be reassured friends I started it again monday and hopefully by friday i will quit having the desire to bite everyones head off and beat it with a bamboo spatula and throw it into the below freezing weather that lingers outside. Sound Good? Great! Glad we are on the same page.

Moving on, prayers for my FIL he has been ill and we are still dealing with 2 specialists and his physician to figure out what is going on. Its been very difficult for us to see him like this and support and prayers is all we can ask for.


Monday, January 04, 2010

Independently wealthy or a Mob Wife?

Take your pick, because after seeing the FEE I owe CCCC if my company doesnt pay it, will kill me, almost $400 for 1 semester 1 class worth 3 credit hours.

So by the time Carlee gets to college I will have to be wealthy or a Mob Wife, or we will pray that being an American Indian registered Cherokee helps..lord I hope.

Went to Jane's office today due to my episodes of dizziness "no not preggos" so I gave some blood and started some Meclazine and its possible an inner ear infection. Its just gotta stop before I start driving to Mulvane for class, cuz being dizzy is one thing, but driving dizzy my friends is just DAMN SCARY!


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Moms on Strike

I have threatened. And when my life becomes increasingly more busy due to Phlebotomy classes. At 8:30 I was awake taken the dog to pee and feed him breakfast. Then to the grocery store for milk and meals. By 10 cinny rolls were done, fridge was cleaned, pantry cleaned out then Carlee wakes up. NICE at like 10:30 by 11:30 lunch was going and I was the only one getting anything done including sweeping and mopping the kitchen, bathroom and entry way. So after lunch I announced I was "clocking out" thats it I have accomplished more by noon then most will all day SO THERE! I am on strike thats it. No more nice Mom and Wife. Thats it I am officially ON STRIKE!


Friday, January 01, 2010

So this is the Strobel Family the day after Christmas. We all gathered for the evening for our Christmas. We did the snackies and played Nascar Monopoly and did some fun gifts. I got the Lands End small bag embroidered to match my larger one. its similar to this I have the large with the zip and now the smaller book bag type. They are great bags and hold up so well. Guess the book bag will come in handy with my class starting so soon. The snowman is a creation of Carlee and Rene and Carlee photographed it I thought it was a great picture I think. So today I am starting to figurre out how to keep this house organized I am looking at let me know what you use and think.