Saturday, January 30, 2010

Well Hello There Ladies.

The WONDERFUL Laura has completed editing Miss Carlee's picture please check them out here click on Carlee 13 password miller. She is going to redo my blog like she did Danelles so I am excited to make this little piece of my life "me"

I have been preparing the ADay Studio in preps for Flip Video with Danelle tomorrow for Scrap Funattic. I have so many things to say I hope noone gets bored listening to me chat.

I went to the grocery store last night and had the next 4 days of meals planned. Today at 11 hubby decided that Chicken Salad sounded good. Well this requires ANOTHER trip to the store and an hour and a half of slicing and dicing. SERIOUSLY but its done should feed him for a few days and give me a break I guess.

Keep posted I will link the video when its up. If you have any things you will like covered over in organization please post here.



Kim said...

I watched your first video and it was great. I'm planning to come to spring crop so I'll keep watching for ideas to get me prepared.