Wednesday, January 06, 2010

So the word around my house that I have been a bit grouchy..

I slightly mentioned this to Ryan and he might have something about that he has been timid about talking to me about things in fear of biting his head off.

Little Me? OH why would that be.

Its either A:I didnt take my Celexa for over a week due the pharmacy closing early, and it was a holiday and they were closed and yadda yadda. Maybe I am a procrastinator and expect them to give me my medication the day I run out because WHY THE HECK DO YOU HAVE TO CLOSE EARLY WHEN I HAD TO WORK A 10 HOUR DAY? HUH?

Anyways be reassured friends I started it again monday and hopefully by friday i will quit having the desire to bite everyones head off and beat it with a bamboo spatula and throw it into the below freezing weather that lingers outside. Sound Good? Great! Glad we are on the same page.

Moving on, prayers for my FIL he has been ill and we are still dealing with 2 specialists and his physician to figure out what is going on. Its been very difficult for us to see him like this and support and prayers is all we can ask for.