Monday, January 11, 2010

So I am going to be available to be viewed by anyone. I guess until the guys from I and I tell me I shouldnt make myself so public...again.

I miss being able to share with people that arent "approved" and I try to be funny I guess sometimes. So feel free to share. Lots to come, reading 2 books right now would love to hear what everyone else is reading as well.

Laura I am looking forward to pics with Carlee I have an idea wall to share with you  A dream I have always wanted to accomplish with this house. So we can chat. Tell me your thoughts.



The Curtis Family said...

I haven't found time to read anything lately but LIVED at the library this summer during my pregnancy. I read all of the books by Alice Coffman. Some were better than others and I read both of Tori Spelling's books. I would also love a good recommendation cause I really only read books that are going to keep me wanting more!