Thursday, January 14, 2010

So as always a busy week. Bout to chill for a bit to continue reading "Getting Things Done" I HAVE to finish this book before I start my Phlebotomy Class Tuesday.

For the book readers and DANELLE! You must read "Bitter is the new black" by Jen Lancaster I am out hunting for more of her books. The Winfield Library and the Kansas Library System has NONE of her books so a purchasing I will go but the FUNNIEST BOOK EVAH!

To Mrs Dusti:Girl I miss you out at the prison. Blah Blah days now even though you were only there 20 hours a week it was a better 20 hours cause of you.

We celebrated Kathy Johnsons 48th birthday this evening at Nieves I SO missed seeing the girls and we have the next 4 months planned with events for get togethers including my birthday PJ and Popcorn Movie Night at my casa, this will be happening in March so check back here for the details.

Off to read now.



The Curtis Family said...

I would read everyday but for some reason your blog doesn't show updates on my dashboard like the other's do so I have to think about it and click links to get here! UGH Technology!! I am glad you are updating and I can't wait to read more. You'll have to lend me that book if you have it. Sounds like a fun read!