Saturday, June 26, 2010

OH MY 16 days...Seriously

So in the last 16 days its been softball, softball rec game, softball practice, softball tournies OH and softball batting practice. You can only imagine the TO DO list I created this weekend for myself since I get to be home all weekend. Well lemme see yesterday I accomplished organzing the drawers in the bathroom with divider trays. 3 for like $1.57 at Wally NICE!! So one holds all my makeup brushes and eye stuffs, one for my foundations(yes with an "s" I like different options until I find the one!! do share if you have the perfect foundation) and one for blushes(yes another s; options ladies)

Anyways Hubby and I went to bed at 9 got up at 9am this morning. Evidently I needed 12 hours of sleep gessh. Then off to breakfast at the Hunters Cafe. And then I started to read "Stop Dressing your 6 year old like a Skank" by Celia Rivenbark HILARIOUS AUTHOR!! By the way and then somewhere I dozed. GOSH SERIOUSLY!! So this afternoon I ventured to get pictures printed, got more DYMO labels cause on my endless TO-DO LIST was to make another Coupon Book and I couldnt find my File Folder Tab Punch (if I let you borrow it remind me please) I used a scallop punch but ran out of clear labels GAW!

I did finish 3 things as mentioned above. Last is cleaning out my purse but I may wait..WITH GOOD REASON I may have a different purse COACH coming into my possession :)
I need to update my Moleskin so I will get that done as well

Ryan and I celebrated being married 8 years on Tuesday and he turned 36 on Friday. I had a rough week after getting a vaginal sonogram monday. I swear she probed every area possible and no amount of painkillers helped AT ALL!!

1. Purse
2. Moleskin
3. Cut coupons
4. Wake up before I have slept 12 hours.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Softball Has Begun

Just wanted to jump on and share a few pics from the tourney last weekend. We did take 2nd out of 9 teams and it was our first tourney ever!! I was so proud of all the girls they each participated like a team and thats what is needed.

We appreciate all the thoughts and prayers for KG its continuing to be a rough road for everyone and the will needs to be strong. We are hoping that some day this is all in the past but only time will tell. We just pray.


Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Blogger Reader Help..Please

As you know things have been swirling around us lately. My Dear Father In Law has been ill and struggling with this Histoplasmosis. When Billy from The Exterminators Show on TLC tells you how dangerous the bird poop and bat poop can be HE IS SERIOUS. I know he is a little redneck rock I mean check him out he isnt joking. We hope Kenny gets out of the hospital this evening. Its wearing on my dear mother in law and hubby is struggling too. Business has become slow due to the economy and I think some is the community knows that KG(Father In Law) is ill and they are giving him a break. BUT really we still have bills to pay and jobs to do and in the long run this was the plan for Ryan and his Brother In Law McNutt to take over ya know?
Hubby is struggling with not being busy and being supportive with his mom and family and not getting too overwhelmed and needs some mental and physical strength.
 Me? Well I dont know where I stand. I am working almost 50 hours a week, Carlee has softball everynight and every weekend for the next 3 weeks so its just her and I mostly. Ryan went last night which was nice for her to have me, him and her dad there, as well as my dad and Uncle. I want to support from all angles but someday I am not sure where my angle is right now.
I am just asking that you keep us in your thoughts if you dont mind. The power of friends and people who care make a world of difference in healing from all aspects I think.