Saturday, February 28, 2009


Cannot even tell you the amount of time in the first round for when the referee called it but it was an AMAHZING FIGHT!
Tyler is no doubt an up and coming fighter and is on to bigger and better things trust me get to know him and his name because he will be bigger then we can ever imagine. He knows what he wants and he is working his way to it and not letting anyone in his way!

Carlee went to a christian rock concert and saw this guy she had a BLAST got home around 11 and grammi picked her up and I assume they both have crashed by this point.

We arent too far behind ourselves the adrenaline has dropped and we are both exhausted.

Friday, February 27, 2009

So here we are, its Friday at 10:30 and I gotta stay awake until 11 to pick Carlee and Rene' up from the skating rink. Then in the morning I promised to hilite Carlee's hair and to touch mine up if there is any left. We have to do hers 1st because my hair is so thick it would take it ALL UP!!

Tomorrow night we plan to attend the fights at the First Council Casino and watch our friend Tyler fight, pretty big one coming up so we will be going to support him and his family and have some fun while we are at it.

Plan to also get page kits packed for my birthday crop next weekend and am hoping to share a sneak peak on shirts for Spring Crop Camp soon. So my tshirt chickee if you read this let me know how its going :)


Thursday, February 26, 2009

So I put in 12 hours yesterday and so by 9pm I was sleepy sleepy so thats where the dog and I went TO BED.

Did about 12 hours today and have 75 charts to audit tomorrow. Then Carlee and I are heading to Newkirk to get her meds, then to pick up BBQ for dinner.

She plans on skating and I will take Rusty and Rene' dinner because Kathy will be home tomorrow! YAAA she seems to be feeling better and healing better I was worried about her.

I am close to bed maybe a little bit of Ellen to make me smile but my eyes are soo heavy!

We are hoping to go watch Tyler Stinson fight Saturday at the Casino in Oklahoma but it depends on a few variables so we shall see.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I realized I didnt post yesterday my apologies.
Lots on my mind, Kat J (Kathy) was supposed to be released after her surgery but it wasnt until today this afternoon that she was released. The trip she had planned for herself, Rusty Rene and Carlee was canceled she is recovering slowly so please say prayers or text her an "I am thinking of you at 620-222-2921.

CCS which whom I work for that are contracted out by the state of Kansas laid off 4 people today. Pretty sad our DON Calvin is being let go, along with the person I just trained for Mental Health so I will be going back up to the 4th floor better get some runner legs cause those stairs KEEL me!

Started Manic but then Tweaker came so I am tossing around which to continue with.

Found a new favorite website my birthday is coming up you know :)


Sunday, February 22, 2009

So I finished this and if you have issues with your mother, sister or family but know that you are ok you should read this. No doubt in all seriousness reading true stories makes you appreciate life and see brighter days trust me. add it to your list. I started it FRIDAY! and I am done.
OK OK granted I got 0 page kits packed but my partner in page kit packing was in Denver all weekend so if she wasnt able to why would I try showing her up and doing some myself? Huh why? thats just not nice.
On to read Manic: A Memoir by Terri Cheney but I promise not to start it until tomorrow.
Worked on seating arrangements for Crop Camp and a possibility of teaching a page kit class sometimes I feel there is a need and other times I feel people are bored my anal need to be orderly.
So i skipped last night just too tired. didnt sleep well on friday night so yesterday was a long drawn out day for me.

went to see mandy yesterday afternoon and we did wedding stuff, caught up on things went to ponca to eat at applebee's and got some much needed girl time.

i think sometimes to clear your soul thats what you need you cant do everything with your spouse you need that release and i pretty much spent the whole weekend doing that.

my goals today werer to pack page kits but not sure how far i will get. allergies have taken me down a notch so i wanna sit curled up on this couch and read my book and just be lazy for today. I have next weekend to prepare for the 12 hour crop and so I will do it then.

off to read, enjoy the cold day.


Friday, February 20, 2009

went for a little GNO with the girls. Saw "Confessions of a ShopAHolic" very funny and cute. Paige hosted and was wonderful, gorgeous home and alot of fun. We laughed and told stories and just laxed and I love that.

Starting reading "Her Last Death" today very intriguing and interesting. Been totally into biographies lately I guess a better understanding of all the chaos of the world outside my four walls and makes you appreciate your family and your life around you.

Crashing now, got Crop Camp stuff to work on tomorrow, page kits to pack, books to read. Yes books I have another yet to go besides the one mentioned above.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so i am blogging then bedding down for the evening. we saw 17 patients today along with the ups and downs of whether the correctional facility will exist and if I will still have a job. My mom is heading for topeka tomorrow but we do not know why or what for and I dont wanna bug her. she is carrying the world of almost 40 employees on her shoulders and i just pray for her best I can do right now.

I cannot get into my new book i tried, did some research last night and found 3 others called our library and they do not have those either, I guess maybe I should suck it up and purchase 1 of the 3 and see how hubby reacts about the credit card charge.

Highly considering purchasing an ipod or something for my birthday if you have opinions lemme have em I am all ears :)

Oh and for your blogging and reading pleasure here is a new chick I will be following

XOXOX good night

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well my goal was to start the day reading this but our Kansas Library system doesnt even have it yet its still on order so I will be 1st on the list. Its the sons side of the story to the book i just read called "Beautiful Boy" written by the father. HONESTLY I never would have these types of books on my list but working in Mental Health and not studying these Mental Illnesses in college I am trying my best to learn and understand.
Right now I have picked up this book called "There is no me without you" Its one womans odyssey to rescue her countrys children.
I will let you know how it all goes just getting ready to crack it open and begin. I have a few quotes to look up and then gotta crash early. Tomorrow is a dental day and its already a hectic one and thats if they behave and noone harms themselves in the next 12 hours.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Early post I know but the day will be ending early for me.
Carlee had a indoor soccer game we lost 6-9 but for the 1st game of the season it was a very intense and fun game it seriously rocked.
I did some training at work today, got the dental office appointments ready to enter tomorrow and watched as we shipped 6 more inmates out. We used to love it but now its scary because none are coming in. I hope this is just until June I gotta pray cause I need a job.
The Good Lord will bring to me what I was destined to have, I had a nice friend offer if I wanted to travel for her for her company because she has 2 little ones. HECK I would do that now on my weekends with Carlee gone. I was shocked and flattered, so hey Chick call me lets chat again.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I made these cookies today for Ryan. Seems cheaper then buying $4.25 a package Nutter Butters.

The 3 Gerber Daisies in the awesome vase and wrought iron holder came from hubby yesterday morning. SOO Cheery on these cold outside days. Gerbers are my favorite daisies of all you cannot help but smile when you see them.

The next flower is the one that mom brought all of us ladies to work on Friday morning I got the only Dr.Pepper bottle all the others were Coke and I love it! She repurposes lots of things.

The last is Ryans shirt. Its a pinup on a panhead Harley Davidson it is SOO awesome! I love pinups from the old days I think they are so cool and sexy.

Today was just busy its a no wonder I am exhausted after a weekend. laundry shopping and keeping up on the house.

Hope you all have a good week, I will still post so come back ye hear?


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Crop A Ganza Layouts

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yes Leslie I do make housecalls. There isnt anything that skeers me.

So I am reading and dang suprised I am still upright. Exhausted from the week and the ups and downs of wondering where this job will go with all the threatening of closings going on around me.

The book is amazing and scary knowing his son first tried drugs a 12. My child is 12 and I dont want her to leave to go to her dads anymore or anywhere in general.

I hope everyone has a great valentines day, steffanie posted a really cool idea here ----> pretty sure at 11 pm I have no chance in having 70 degree weather or getting this project all done before tomorrow morning. its dang cool though needed to see that about 7 days ago.
Off to sign my card for Ryan, my mom brought all us ladies at work red carnations with babys breath in old Coke bottles. But me I got a Dr.Pepper bottle the only one she had. I gotta take pics tomorrow if I can get one of the 2 cameras to work.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

So I didnt post yesterday but with good reason. I started reading this book called Beauiful Boy by David Sheff. Been wanting to read it for a awhile and the library had it. So the story has begun and I have gotten pretty far, too interesting to put down.

I promise to get some scanning of layouts done eventually hopefully tomorrow but we shall see. Carlee will go to her dads tomorrow evening so i may have a bit of down time soon.

Crop Camp is coming along hoping to get a few things finalized I am seriously considering teaching a Page Kit Planner Class for very inexpensive just to help out those ladies that spend hours hoping a page idea will show up at their table or into their bags while they are packed away.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

hello, yes I still have layouts to scan and am hoping to feel competent enough to do that this week.

My dental days are already over this week thank goodness I put in alot ALOT of hours these last 2 days considering my 10 hours of sleep this weekend but it was so worth it.

Carlee has Kids Klub and Awana tomorrow, Parent Teacher conferences Thursday plus Indoor soccer pics and goes to her dads friday. The weekend will come quick I just hope it goes slow so I can recooperate and stay and chill.

I am loving the accomplishments of last weekend I know that FO SHOR! Thats for Krazy Katie!!

Have a good nite!!


Monday, February 09, 2009

yep its me. sleepy me.

started my moms pedi socks got a few rows done.

did dishes from dinner in the bathtub. when I got home yesterday the sink was leaking so its been turned off, so i did ghetto dishes this evening.

got another big day tomorrow another dental day then 2 hour mental health inservice. FABULOUS!! who wouldnt want to start their week like that?


Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well it was memorable, no doubt. You are now visiting the blog of the CUPCAKE EATING CHAMPION. You can witness the making of the champion here-----> its the second post down. The first one is our midnight DANCE A THON to get our groove and mojo back.

I will post pics later to show you the layouts I completed YES I did some. Going to venture bed because I have a dental day tomorrow.

Thursday, February 05, 2009


Leaving around 10am I believe, may be sooner which would rock.

Got my M&Ms, beef jerky, vitamin water and dr.pepper. Blanket, pics, pillow, smiles and happiness. Check, check and check. ITS TIME TO GO!!

Prolly wont post this weekend unless I can borrow someones puter, gonna leave mine here. It becomes a terrible sucking vortex which = no work completed.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

what to do what to do.

Done studying thank goodness, so I guess my next project is this my mom needs some of these serious pedi socks so I plan to get started soon.

I will be in wichita at Crop A Ganza and hopefully do a side trip and grab some yarn check my needle stash and it will give me something to do for a few weeks. HA!


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Im done, I am officially (once I get the paperwork) a Certified Dental Assistant. I will be a registered Dental Assistant once I test in July. That is when I will have the year required as well as the course I complete. I averaged a 93 in the class so I cannot complain and am glad I am finished. It will take the guilt away of scrapbooking all weekend long and not feeling like I should be studying. I will be congratulating myself with this The Snake: According to Greek mythology, the snake symbolizes healing energy.

The job situation is still unsteady with no certanties so its a waiting game. My mom checked the Wichita Eagle for jobs, I am sure I will soon be learning to enjoy traveling if thats the case. Gotta have benefits so that may just be what it takes. Cross that bridge when it comes and just thank the Lord I have a job now and maybe on the side I can learn to swing on a pole LOL just kidding.

My next 2 days are with the Dentist and then Friday morning at 10 am I am heading to CROP A GANZA!! Whoo Hoo!

Thanks for your support and friendships

Monday, February 02, 2009

15 out of 16 exams done within my Dental Assisting Certification. I rec'd a 97 on the exam I took today which was over computer appts, charting, insurance claims and time clock documents.

When I started at the end of October my goal was to be done by Crop A Ganza but there were days I wasnt sure. They give you a year to get thru this stuff but things went fast due to where I work and if I got stuck i would wait until the dentist got to the facility on Wednesdays and he would work with me and be patient until I got it. I am so hands on its ridiculous some days.

So now 1 exam and pretty much 3 days to CAG which by the way have you seen the blog yep NEW SHIRTS from Two Chicks and someone with HANDBAGS? HELLO my dreams are coming true!!

Off to study

Sunday, February 01, 2009

So I skipped yesterday but with good reason, I took another exam and go a 93. Two more to go and I am done. Online classes next maybe depends on the job situation. Plus this chickee came over at 6 we spent almost 2 hours looking at wedding cakes and invites (any suggestions on either let me know, its an outdoor wedding) then we did our normal tradition of making onion rings and drinking bud light. I completly assisted in the assasination of her diet she has done so well with.

Then I watched the UFC fights and my fav fight and he won. wasnt an amazing as a fight as it should have been but BJ Penn couldnt take ANYMORE of GSP's punishment.

Carlee and I got up and went to church this morning at Crossroads its located at the old school on the old highway and it was an amazing service, great pastor, new age up to date music and message prerty darn cool place.

We got social studies studied, division problems done, spelling words reviewed. I got my tool bag reorganized and packed got my Clip It Up organized better and loaded. Threw in 1 page kit minus the page ideas cause I figured if I need it I will get inspired right? Prolly will find an idea cause the thought of the whole thing not being organized will eat at me so ask me on friday k?

Got the clothes laid out for next weekend as well. now just watching the superbowl waiting for the good commercials and posting my weekend all for you. I managed to make chicken salad, cookies and a cucumber salad this weekend as well. No wonder I am tired when I go back to work on monday. Just looking forward to just scrapbooking next weekend, no laundry,no cleaning, no studying. Straight cropping thats it. SOO READY!!