Sunday, February 15, 2009

So I made these cookies today for Ryan. Seems cheaper then buying $4.25 a package Nutter Butters.

The 3 Gerber Daisies in the awesome vase and wrought iron holder came from hubby yesterday morning. SOO Cheery on these cold outside days. Gerbers are my favorite daisies of all you cannot help but smile when you see them.

The next flower is the one that mom brought all of us ladies to work on Friday morning I got the only Dr.Pepper bottle all the others were Coke and I love it! She repurposes lots of things.

The last is Ryans shirt. Its a pinup on a panhead Harley Davidson it is SOO awesome! I love pinups from the old days I think they are so cool and sexy.

Today was just busy its a no wonder I am exhausted after a weekend. laundry shopping and keeping up on the house.

Hope you all have a good week, I will still post so come back ye hear?