Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Well my goal was to start the day reading this but our Kansas Library system doesnt even have it yet its still on order so I will be 1st on the list. Its the sons side of the story to the book i just read called "Beautiful Boy" written by the father. HONESTLY I never would have these types of books on my list but working in Mental Health and not studying these Mental Illnesses in college I am trying my best to learn and understand.
Right now I have picked up this book called "There is no me without you" Its one womans odyssey to rescue her countrys children.
I will let you know how it all goes just getting ready to crack it open and begin. I have a few quotes to look up and then gotta crash early. Tomorrow is a dental day and its already a hectic one and thats if they behave and noone harms themselves in the next 12 hours.