Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so i am blogging then bedding down for the evening. we saw 17 patients today along with the ups and downs of whether the correctional facility will exist and if I will still have a job. My mom is heading for topeka tomorrow but we do not know why or what for and I dont wanna bug her. she is carrying the world of almost 40 employees on her shoulders and i just pray for her best I can do right now.

I cannot get into my new book i tried, did some research last night and found 3 others called our library and they do not have those either, I guess maybe I should suck it up and purchase 1 of the 3 and see how hubby reacts about the credit card charge.

Highly considering purchasing an ipod or something for my birthday if you have opinions lemme have em I am all ears :)

Oh and for your blogging and reading pleasure here is a new chick I will be following

XOXOX good night


Christie said...

Let me know what books you want...I may have some you would like!