Sunday, February 28, 2010

Layouts 2009

Now please do not go into shock, I know this is out of the norm for me. But some days I do get the urge to sit down and scan and stitch a bunch of layouts that needed this done and then I decide why not share?  So here we go:

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello There!

Its been a few days. A busy few days, poor Hubby has been sick all week and at home. Pretty scarey considering what his dad went through. He did eat dinner this evening thankfully and it seems to be staying in the tummy.
I got home from work yesterday and completly cleaned the main level of our house from left to right. It smelled so nice and clean, I then ran Carlee down south to her dads.
Today has been homework day, getting ready for finals, getting my paperwork filled out for clinicals, a little bit of Crop Camp here and there.
Well I hope to be sharing another installment of the organizational videos so when I see it on the Attic Blog I will share it with you.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vampiress:In Training

I FINALLY got to draw blood on a REAL person today! Kathy the nurse at work who normally does the blood drawing allowed me to "practice" on her and I got her the first stick in the arm. Unfortunatly not so good on the hand. Our DON promised she would help me with that tomorrow cause we have lots of those types at our facility.

Wanna say thanks for the posts and comments it gave me the warm fuzzy I was looking for with such a stressful few weeks around the Day Cherry Street house. Ryans still awful sick, I felt bad leaving him puking into the trashcan on my side (TMI YES but did you catch I said MY SIDE) of the bed this morning as I was leaving for work. But it was 7am I had to go I did come home at lunch and bring him 7-Up for good wife measures.

I cant believe its been almost 2 years since we went on our Cruise with my family. Carlee and I talk ALL the time about going back but I have a feeling it will be around her graduation time. Thats 5 years from now but it will come fast and she will also be 18 so it may be one big party between my family and her dads family who all plan on going. But I am telling you I am so ready for my toes in the sand, little umbrella shaded drinks, coconut oil tan and SUN!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get Organized Time

Organize 5 Here is a little short one of Kathy J's space! Post any questions you have :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Remembering Whats Important

Sometimes I get discouraged when I dont have comments. Sometimes I think "I shouldnt blog everyday Honestly here at least every other day because what if someone misses something? Well whats really important is this is FOR ME! So its ok if noone posts a comment I guess because all that matters is that when my head is full and swimming it has a place to go. I know there is medication for this and I do take Buspar(thats to keep me from biting peoples heads off and spitting it back out) dont you wanna be my bestest friend now? I had considered writing them down in a journal, ya know cause my latest love is these Moleskine Love but then I would be typing it up for here anyways so whats the point of doubling up my already busy life. I guess now since I got the purse I love I had to find a new addiction, so I go to Flickr ALOT and look at everyones Moleskines and THEY R COOL!! Still besides a planner what else could I use one for? Oh dont get me started; dont EVEN get me started!

I do wanna give a BIG HUGE thanks to Brandy angels were with us when Carole my mother in law decided having Home Health would be helpful until she gets more comfortable with the peg feeding tube. Thankfully she was on call and came to visit them today and I am just so so happy it was her.

I finished the book Precious this morning and WOW. Not sure what else to say but WOW. Very hard core stuff. Amazing but eye opening, even for a girl who works at a Correctional Facility.


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Whoa Guess I needed that!

Since my post on Tuesday I read the book "Dear John" in 3 days!! Thanks for the referral Brandy C. I wouldnt have read it unless you hadnt suggested it.

I woke up at noon 30! Serious! I did get up and take the dog out to pea at 8:30 am and laid back down just for a few minutes. Guess a night out with the girls and sleeping in was in my unwritten agenda and so not planned. I had a blast with Kathy, Elisabeth, Danelle, Vicki Tuaca lol, Christal, Cherie and Ms Diann! Amazing that we all werent scrapbooking. There was TuTu making; posterboard making; computer work and cards as well!

And for my favorite part of Saturdays  Its Caturday! Click the linky and get some good laughs

Kenny was released from the hospital around 2 today and is at home walking and gaining strength back which we are super thankful for. Soon I will be getting him some BBQ! We are having dinner tonight with Lynn and Bryan Felts, and Joanne Romero ready for some good Enchiladas!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family and School

For those who dont know this is my wonderful Father In Law Kenny. I call him KG because my brother in law and the same side of the families name is Kenny too. Still with me? I apologize for the confusion LOL
He is back in the hospital this evening getting more fluids. He was diagnosed with Dissemented Histoplasmosis. Its like a Fungal Infection within your body. His Infectious Disease doctor began his antibiotics but orally and if anyone remembers he cannot swallow he recently has lost 17 pounds in 2 weeks. So now what? We dont know hopefully Dr.Davis; Dr Johnstone and the Infection doctor can help us to help him cause we miss his regular self the one who wants to go go go!

So class was supah fast we went over our homework got a take home study guide, we will take our test next week and get homework then stick some fake arms again WOO HOO!! I AM LOVIN IT!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Organize~Are you ready?

Here is another installment. I hope to post again in the next few days but I got 2 twelve hour days to work plus school so no promises I dont wanna break anyones heart. Dont Cry For Me Divas I will be back!

I finished all the homework yesterday and thank you Dawn for being a member of the Homework Fur Picking Club. Its sometimes a lonely place ya know?

Dinner is done, Carlee is doing her laundry, I am preparing to double check myself for the 3rd time on my mid term test cause just in case I was wrong the first 2 times I gotta be sure :)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thoughts~Ya its gonna be worth a read

Besides the basics of my weekends lately of Studying, oh and STUDYING and a little more workbook pages and STUDYING. I also spend time pondering as well. Now Now dont run off Im being very serious here.

So as it is does it really matter to anyone else but me that some days the dust puppies(most people like my mom call them dust bunnies but in my house they are made of dog fur) chase me and stick to my perfectly clean white socks and favorite pair of brown Old Navy comfy pants(correct word is lounge wear but not in our house)

Does it gross anyone else out when your dog sneezes on your feet or burps in your face? YEP Serious on this too! Maybe the whole feet thing is it because I like perfect feet and toes.

Speaking of perfect toes once my self given French Pedicure was dry I had to pick dog hair out of em. Yes its best to wait otherwise it screws up your paint job.

Ok so onto something more upbeat in honor of Valentines Day here is some Monkey Love going on in our house. who doesnt love Sock Monkeys?

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Sharing my favorite Saturday Love with you!

On a NOT so much lighter note someone in the "Hood" we live in chose to egg my car and the house. I just washed my car yesterday SERIOUSLY! So I got to hand wash it not my favorite thing. UGH!


Friday, February 12, 2010

Family and Organizational here is some more organizational treats for you!

Much ado for the prayers for my Father In Law KG. He was diagnosed with Histomitosis. Its a fungus that takes over your body. True we are thankful its not Lymphoma or Melanoma but its brutal on any body. Even a healthy body struggles to get better and the medication is very VERY expensive. But whatever it takes to save his life. That is our goal.

Kathy and I had a girlie night at the movies to see Valentines Day. I WILL BUY THIS MOVIE AND SOUNDTRACK!! It was a great movie and so fun and just a must see!! and buy and listen TEEHEE
SO please post Ideas for more videos, It would help me!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Still Waiting & Vampiress

We are still waiting for the results from KGs biopsy. I appreciate all the support and prayers that are being given. I know we have a long way to go yet, at this point its in Gods hands and we have to let him do his thing. My BFF Mandy always uses the line "Come to Jesus Moment" and I have had a few of those lately. Not just for KG, but Ryan and the whole family. He has a lot of burden on him now.

I got 100% on my first test in Phlebotomy and we drew on some fake arms tonight and that seriously ROCKED!!

Now to bed its 10 I am super tired and another long day tomorrow as well. And tons of homework!


Sunday, February 07, 2010 this is how its gonna be?

I think we could ask Dr.Davis a million questions and still be confused and upset. So from what we understand is at 9 am KG (Ryans dad) will go in under local anesthia and get the biopsy done of the lymph node under his right arm. They will then do a porta cath on the chest of the left arm(because he is right hand dominate). By Tuesday we should know the type of lymphoma it is and how far along it is. This is important because we gotta kick this things ASS so knowing what it is helps.

Its been hard to concentrate on school, Carlee has been sick, Ryan sleeps off and on and I just keep concentrating on them and the pets and not me. The worry of Ryan and his family takes alot of my mind. OF course though business at House of Cabinetry and KG Day builders still continues. They had a meeting right there in room at the hospital getting the week lined out. LOL

I appreciate the prayers and the thoughts, most of the week will be consumed with starting the treatment and for the family to adjust and begin to heal themselves and know that its time to step up and allow his dad to heal and we will keep things going.

I should be posting the next organizational video link by tomorrow. Danelle was SUPA busy this weekend at Ganza and I LOVED the video of the vendors, too bad I couldnt shop from home. LOL


Saturday, February 06, 2010

Family and Prayers Still

Ryans dad was admitted to the hospital about 10am this morning. After a very rough nite and a rising temp Carole and himself decided it was time. He is receiving fluids and getting medication for nausea. Dr.Davis and Dr.Johnstone came to visit and pretty much said we are dealing with Lymphoma. A biopsy will be done first thing Monday morning and the results will come Tuesday. At that point we will begin treatment. Please help keep our spirits up. I dont know how many followers I have but if you have a moment to drop a card please do. Kenny Day 6 Leed Road Winfield KS 67156. Thanks

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Family and Prayers

I want to thank everyone who have said prayers and kept my father in law in their thoughts and hearts. He went for his result from his kidney biopsy that they performed last tuesday. The results were negative thank the Lord, but he is still really sick. So now it comes to the point of still struggling to find out why is blood pressure is low when its always been high. Why is he still dizzy and nautious all the time pretty much since the beginning of December. So therefore he gets dehydrated and visits the ER to get fluids this has happened twice now once today. Carlee wants him on Mystery Diagnosis AFTER he gets better. He is the strong person who holds this side of our family together like my mom does on my side. I hope soon he can feel himself and wanna take the Vette out and have the energy to work on his motorcycles. Just gotta keep praying...