Sunday, February 07, 2010 this is how its gonna be?

I think we could ask Dr.Davis a million questions and still be confused and upset. So from what we understand is at 9 am KG (Ryans dad) will go in under local anesthia and get the biopsy done of the lymph node under his right arm. They will then do a porta cath on the chest of the left arm(because he is right hand dominate). By Tuesday we should know the type of lymphoma it is and how far along it is. This is important because we gotta kick this things ASS so knowing what it is helps.

Its been hard to concentrate on school, Carlee has been sick, Ryan sleeps off and on and I just keep concentrating on them and the pets and not me. The worry of Ryan and his family takes alot of my mind. OF course though business at House of Cabinetry and KG Day builders still continues. They had a meeting right there in room at the hospital getting the week lined out. LOL

I appreciate the prayers and the thoughts, most of the week will be consumed with starting the treatment and for the family to adjust and begin to heal themselves and know that its time to step up and allow his dad to heal and we will keep things going.

I should be posting the next organizational video link by tomorrow. Danelle was SUPA busy this weekend at Ganza and I LOVED the video of the vendors, too bad I couldnt shop from home. LOL



Kim said...

At least knowing what he is up against is part of the battle. Now he can move foreward with treatment. If there is anything I can do for your family let me know. Thinking of you all.