Friday, December 25, 2009

Today was the DAY family Christmas. I left home at 10:20 to head to the state line to pick up Miss Carlee. Then I had to come home to get in Ryans jeep because NOWAY would my car have made it down that road, my FIL had to get the tractor out to clear drifts SHEESH!!
MY Inlaws got me the coolest sweater and you will see me in it with pics tomorrow from my families Christmas.
The pictures down below are just a few from Carlee's Scavenger Hunt to get her to her Taylor Swift Tickets. It was great and she loved every minute of it. The last few years Christmas with Carlee has been us watching her. It was fun for all of us to follow her around as she tried to figure out where the next clue was. She honestly couldnt believe she got the tickets. It was soo hard to keep this a secret. It was a blast! Ryan got me a gorgeous Love Knot diamond necklace and when I can get pics I will share. I just wanted to share her excitement.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So tomorrow is Christmas eve...and I am tired.

I went to work at 7am to observe how to draw blood for lab work. I will be starting Phlebotomy Classes in January and am excited. The company I work for will pay for it, our nurses just dont have time and honestly its one more thing that I can have knowledge of just in case my position gets cut, so I need to always be one step ahead.

Carlee had a Orchestra Concert last night and did amazing I was soo proud. Even more proud when my mom and I met Carlee and her dad for some mexican to see that she had a wet towel on her chin. Her dads comment"She bit beak in your high heel boots, I dont think she is ready for those type of shoes yet" DUH Ya think geesh, it wasnt large but deep to the bone. I butterflied it, gave her a kiss and her dad whisked her away to OKC until Friday.

So I am now just gonna crash, count my blessings, thankful for all the nice things people have given to me and done for me.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

How was my day spent? At 10:45 am I left to pick up Carlee from her dad at the state line then headed to my mother in laws for Grandma B's annual Christmas. We always get together the Sunday before Christmas. The top picture is my mother in laws tree. ITs completely covered in Santas and everything at her home is decorated in Santas. I hope to have a gingerbread tree some year just like hers and then another for the extra ornaments that were given not gingerbread ones. The second picture is pepper nuts, Ryans grandmother Gladys Day made them every year so Carole makes them every year for Ryan, Traci and KG my father in law. The 3rd picture is the cookies from Great Grandma Jansen, so they fit for Grandma B's side of the family, Carole said they were mailed to her and Donna Jo every year. They never came intact I guess but they love them and both cookies are nostalgic and hold memories for each side.
The fourth pic is me working on the craft with the kids at the annual cookies and crafts at Flower Kathys house. And the cookies are the completion of the day. I am tired, watching Survivor preparing for the week to come.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

This is Tina's coleslaw salad recipe that Ryan and Carlee absolutely love so its a double batch for Grandma B's Christmas at noon on Sunday.
The delived eggs are going as well. They are my father in laws favorite and he hasnt been feeling well so he really totally deserves these.
Then these are the Redneck Turtles, I heard Ryan cracking into these this morning in the fridge. He was breaking them apart off the tinfoil.
Speaking of tin foil or aluminum foil did you know it came in different thickness? UM YA!! Oh my goodness I
just buy whatever is cheapest. I guess it would have been beneficial for my Brownies that my intentions were to use cookie cutters and the FOIL STUCK BAD!! Thats when Ryan asked my why I bought the weakest foil, UH DUH! I had no cookin clue!
So thats what you see on the second picture from the bottom . The bottom pic is my craft participation for Cookies and Crafts at Flower Kathys tomorrow afternoon. I will have pics from both events to post here.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Guess what I have been doing? These my friends are called Redneck Turtles. Shandra renamed em from White Trash Turtles and I like her name better. I made 2 tray fulls for our family christmas sunday and hopefully have some left for Cookies and Crafts at a friends house Sunday afternoon.
Here are some pictures from our quickee trip to Branson last weekend. The first one is in front of the tree at the entrance of Dixie Stampede. The other is at the shopping district in old Branson but its old Branson with a really cool new mall.
Well I am working on the craft project for Sunday so if its successful I will share.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

hmm today in the Day/Miller house.
I worked until 4:30 but the last hour was spent with the Dentist fitting in some 5-10 minute appt's so we didnt have to loose out on that time the next few days
picked Carlee up from Cheer Practice and then onto Pitch Practice.
I went to the store and am taking care of my sick hubby he has been puky since Sunday morning so we are trying to get healthy again on his end.
I did 5 loads of Carlee's laundry yesterday and like the ladies said at work maybe she has too many clothes and I am thinking they are right.
I hope that the new way to stop smoking the ECiggarette works for Ryan, it came into the mail today and you can gradually reduce the amount of nicotine to quit smoking. Say prayers...

Monday, December 14, 2009

So this past week has held so many things. Days of working as a dental assistant. Christmas party for the KDOC side. This includes everyone who works at the correctional facility not just contract employees like myself. I was asked to be on the Wellness Committee. As a rep for the contract side I just help to make things better for the employees and do things like send flowers when someone is sick or a loved one has passed. I just accepted this position 2 weeks ago so doing the party was an experience.

Carlee and I went to Branson with my family saturday morning and came back sunday at about 9 pm. Ryan had been throwing up all day but didnt want to tell me thats why he wanted to know when I would be home. He wanted me to have a good time which was so sweet but I felt bad him here all alone puking his tummy up.

I purchased a purse which I hope to share pics of, as well as saw the Christmas Dixie Stampede while we were there. Carlee got a charm for a Brighton Necklace her dad has started for her so I cannot wait to add something special when she turns 13 next month.

I plan to do some more Pioneer Woman cooking with the enchiladas this weekend so we shall see how it all goes. I dont feel brave enough to be a member of her cooking community just yet, but some day I hope.

I watched "Julie and Julia" the movie this evening and it was very awesome and inspiring. Its a must see if I might say.


Monday, December 07, 2009

So a package shipped out, not for Christmas but another purse sold on ebay courtesy of Kathy. Spanx Alot!!

Came home and cooked Meatloaf from Pioneer Womans new cookbook. It was a hit thank goodness cause they are eating it tomorrow nite too. :) Its a dental day and I already know I will be tired.

Ryan got us these cool covers for our car windshields so hopefully it will be easier to clean off the ice crap we are suppose to be getting. Not my favorite, I seriously belong in a warmer climate SERIOUSLY! Just like in the picture thats what I need.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

So some shopping today with my MIL Carole and SIL Traci in Wichita. Holy Canoli!! How crazy and busy. I had one magazine I really wanted the bookstore we went to didnt carry it. UGH! So a few things for Lena and Carlee and a few basic tshirts for myself and I did some following around.

Next weekend is Branson and my ever loving pursuit to find THE PURSE. Its hard to fork over money for an OK one when I think thats the key THINK I know the one I want.


Saturday, December 05, 2009

So ya where have I been? Not alot of places and I think its time to get back to blogging. Not just for you but for me as well. Good head clearing therapy, I need lots of space to share so for a few pics lets begin. Anyone know this lady?

This is THE Pioneer Women you can visit her site here I know some of you follow her so I want you to know I was at Ponca City Oklahoma Brace Books at 9am to get my number at 10 am then went back at 1pm with #25 to have her cookbook signed and personalized to me :) Yes I am proud.

Last night our Cheri had us over for dinner and a fun Christmas Exchange I will guarantee you there are great pictures of me floating about but I dont wanna mention why I dont have any on my camera :) Finished a pillow today courtesy of Brandy its a fleece OSU for my Carlee. Its a travel type for her to tote from here to there.

Glad to be back in the blogging world. Missed everyone and myself XOXO

Sunday, November 15, 2009

To post or not to post. So Crop Camp ROCKED!!
Went to see The Christmas Carole today and LOVED IT!!
Ready to start a knitting project, gonna visit a very cool knitting store here in Winfield. When my arm was busted I spent an hour in there petting her yarn and she was nice enough not to call the looney bin on me :)
Getting into that mode of not wanting to leave home, cold wet weather does that to me.
Found out I will be visiting a Coach Purse outlet for Christmas, I almost peed twice!!

So whats up with everyone?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So ya its been a while. Struggling with the recovery of this broken elbow stuff.

Learning to be a softball mom but not a sideline coach because i get "the look" you know the look. Left for Ponca at 10 am this morning returned at 8 with part of Oklahoma in our cooler, hair, car and clothing.

Preparing to go Corvette Weekend in Eureka Springs and mentally preparing for the many busy things October holds. Pics of softball to come soon....

Sunday, September 06, 2009

So here I sit. I have finished "Knit Two" the sequal to Friday Night Knitting Club. So now I am going to start Wicked. Prolly tomorrow tho I need to start practicing writing as a lefty because I have also done something to my hand as well.I have no feeling in my thumb and index finger. OH JOY!
Did get my new agenda only if i could write DANG IT!!


Friday, September 04, 2009

So did you hear? I am typing with my left hand due to breaking my right elbow. Yep its true participating in a 3 legged race at Crop A Ganza. Shandra and I were winning and she knew how bad I wanted the "Purse paper pack. But something went horribly wrong. After about an hou the pain got worse so off to the er I went after 3 hous found out it was a radial head frcture. There are pics once they are shared with me i will share with you!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wow a month? Really? Hmm, what have I been doing? Softball practice 3 nights a week for 3 hours a night in Ark City until the week we started tennis now its Saturday nights for 3 1/2 hours.

And I have realized the one downfall to not being at my previous job is a calendar I can display with all my personal appts and birthdays etc so I never forgot a thing. Well problem is getting worse and I am trying to figure a system. If you got one DO SHARE PUHLEASE!!

Off to pack for Ganza at least my friends can remind me of that one!!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

so this is an addition to my ispiration board for my Big Picture Scrapbooking Class with Jenni Bowlin. My goal next weekend is to hit some antique stores I plan to approach my mom in joining me her and my dad did this for years but I couldnt figure out why. Its because she knew what she was looking for and I was never looking for anything until now.

I would appreciate prayers for Ryans Grandma B (Mickey Billingslea) she had a triple by pass surgery on Thursday and is working to survive the day to day of getting by, surviving and recovering.

I am working with Steffanie at Scrap Funattic on a class based on organizing your Clip It Up our goal is for you to leave with everything on it and ready to crop!

Any suggestions for books would be greatly appreciated. Carlee started softball practice for a traveling team and she is there for 2 hours and I get bored.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

what a fun weekend. so i sucked up and put my city living aside and went camping at the lake this weekend with my peeps. Kathy housed Myself, Carlee and Mandy so the AC was great for sleeping. Considering I now have a sunburn that looks like I have 2 tortilla chops on my chest because the rest is super bright red. whoops
The Carribean Island ROCKED!! just floating and chilling and relaxing was great. I laughed so hard all weekend my stomach hurts from the laughing and he sunburn. ouch
Carlee had a great time, she was a toddler the last time I took her camping so it was a neat experience for her and I am glad we did it.
Dave and Shandra came, along with Cindy Shandras sister and Mrs Diane and Cheri it was just so much fun!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

So Friday during the afternoon this is where I was with Carlee. Mandy and her kids and parents were at Grouse Creek "Crickin" catching fish making their own water slides out of mud on the banks and swishing down some rapids so we joined them. Fun dirty stuff with minnows nibbling on ya.
4h of July Carlee and I swimmed with My mom and Lena and Sister and then I took her to meet her dad. I then ate with the family and went to the north end of Ark City to watch fireworks. Ryan made it join us along with his parents so it was so sweet!!
Today I am working on my Big Picture Scrapbooking class with Jenni Bowlin projects . A trip to Michaels, Scrap Funattic and Ark City. I will show my inspiration board when the class is all done in 10 weeks. Patience...

Sunday, June 28, 2009

so no pics today. been a rough week. I was off Monday and so was Ryan nice to spend the day with Carlee and Ryan we had lunch at College Hill and then Carlee had a game so not bad. What WAS bad was I woke up Tuesday at 5 am throwing up and doing the other too. BAD STUFF!
Missed worked pretty much unconcious the rest of the day in bed. I went to work Wednesday and Thursday but had very long days you can only imagine.
Little cropping on Friday night and garage sale and swimming Saturday as well as taking the Hatfields dinner and then the Winfield Garage Car and Bike Show and then lunch with my family and then to the pool.
NOW I am smelling sugar topped Mocha Cupcakes a recipe from my new Taste of Home Family Favorites. They have COFFEE in them YUMMEE HELLO!!
More next week the day of sickness and recovery has passed.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Here is our Fathers Day potrait. Well Kinda not the best but glad I have it.

So another week has come and gone as the week began we added a new addition to the family. Drumroll please.....introducing Pete aka Pistol Pete like the OSU mascott. Carlee's Peach(as Scrapfunattic Sarah and I call our ex's) allowed her and her brother to purchase one each and planned on them living happily ever after together. YA FAT CHANCE those 2 bicker can you imagine 2 male geckos. So he is living at our casa. This morning he suprised me in the sink in her bathroom where his cage is. We finally figured out how he escaped and I eliminated that issue. THAT WAS SCARY!!

Well I am off work tomorrow. Ryan and I celebrate our #7 anniversary so we plan to spend the day together washing the dog or something fun!
Got a little bit of scrapbooking done Friday amongst the incident with Shandra's daughter. Please keep praying for her she has a very long healing process ahead of her. Bless Her Heart

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know its a been a week and a busy one at that. These were taken last sunday at the pool in Ark City. Us girls thought it sounded really good it was getting hot and humid so we got there at 2 and left at 6 just as a storm was brewing. We barely got home and one broke out.
We had a game that got rained out this week I think Tuesday then some bike riding this week and a game Thursday which we lost and then I took Carlee to her dads. She spent the weekend at Turner Falls and The Arbuckle Wilderness. Evidently she now owns a lizard but I havent seen it yet she is to come home tomorrow. She wanted to spend the evening with her Great Grandpa who is hanging on but I am preparing for his passing.
I swam and hung out for a while at Susans with her and Marissa and Marissas new friend. Then I thought I could be young again and drink with Mandy. HAHA I didnt wake up until 2pm Saturday my whole day was SHOT!!BUT I did stay up and get page kits packed for next Friday and Ryan and I went to Newkirk for dinner which was nice he usually likes to stay home. We took a spin in the Vette and away we went and it was nice for us.
Well on to another week a short one at that. Ready to hang with my girlfriends.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Where to begin...Its been a whole week. Monday was emotionally rough in the afternoon. We found out Carlee's Papa Great Grandpa Baldridge(her dads grandpa, his moms dad) had a stroke Sunday and wasnt fairing well so the kids and grandkids that could be present was appreciated. So Tuesday morning at 6am she had me out of bed and out of the house by 7. We drove to Blackwell and visited I left about 10 Carlee stayed all day. We had a game that night and her dad brought her to AC for it. Papa took a turn for the better and hung tight all week this morning it was not so good so now we are praying.
2 softball games 1 win 1 loss so its a 50/50
Thursday Carlee went back to Blackwell I went to work Friday and then a quick Garage Sale with Susan where she took me I got 4 pairs of jeans 4 pairs of dress pants and 1 pair of capris all from the Gap with the original tag plus 5 shirts for $40.50 OMG!! I WAS PSYCHED!! Then home to rest and relax.
Saturday rocked Ryan, I, Carole and Kenny went to Ponca to the Car Show and Herb Festival, I got 2 new pairs of shoes! WHOO WHOO
Took lots of pics even of today at the AC Pool I hope to share those tomorrow. I have signed up for an online class here at and it doesnt start until July 2nd but we have pre-class work.


Sunday, May 31, 2009

So this is what my Fridays have become. The 45 minute drive to Ponca, praying that Carlee's dad shows up so I am not forced to be her catcher because she throws softballs really really hard I have bruises to prove it. The treat is Starbucks after it makes up for the heat and bug bites. Stupid mean bugs. Saturday we slept in and then had practice at 2 then to the pool we went. MUCH NEEDED I was hot and didnt help with practice that was awful. So I read and lounged at the pool. Then came home and worked on stuff for my bulletin board. This morning I worked on some page kits I am awaiting my invitation for a Friday Night Scrappy Lounge Date (hintn hint) so I plan to prepare. Then at 1 we celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary and I will share those pics tomorrow. I know you are thinking 25? that doesnt add up I thought you were older? Well thanks for thinking that but my parents divorced and then remarried later so theres that explanation. had they stayed married it would have been 38 years in september. Then to the pool cause its hot! Then an hour of pitching and hitting with Carlee. Good thing I am young. WINK WINK

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So here we are at Blackwell lake. Yes such a thing does exist I had to see it for myself but there it is in pictures for you. The lake isnt too far from Bramen Oklahoma but is a fun little spot and you pretty much just share it with Mandys family.
The pics are backwards but you get the jest, Brett (Mandys Brother) had to carry the kids to a certain point then let them slide off the moss covered dam and it was awesome. I did it twice and have the bruises to prove it. nothing like a little liquid courage or the fact that my best friend does it all I gotta be brave. As you can see even though the current was rough I was able to hold down the lawn chair we had bets going I wasnt heavy enough and I would float away but no go I won I am a determined WOMAN!! As you can see I was quite impressed with how close I could close in on the pics with some editing thanks to pointers from Kate Crandell. I WILL be purchasing a new camera but am looking around $300 any advice appreciated curious as to what you got Leslie.
At some point I did have the thought of my mom telling me it wasnt a good idea to allow the only child I gave birth to allow to do this but there were other parents and grandparents there so it wasnt completely wreckless!!
And I did it even though after a 5 hour motorcyle ride with my dad I was wanting and inflatable donut for my butt and the bruises are hurting but all in all not bad. We are both burned and I am sure thats what allowed me to get a nap in with Ryan. Or maybe just the need to be close to him for a while just us...OH and the dog every now and then. TeeHee XOXOXO