Sunday, June 14, 2009

I know its a been a week and a busy one at that. These were taken last sunday at the pool in Ark City. Us girls thought it sounded really good it was getting hot and humid so we got there at 2 and left at 6 just as a storm was brewing. We barely got home and one broke out.
We had a game that got rained out this week I think Tuesday then some bike riding this week and a game Thursday which we lost and then I took Carlee to her dads. She spent the weekend at Turner Falls and The Arbuckle Wilderness. Evidently she now owns a lizard but I havent seen it yet she is to come home tomorrow. She wanted to spend the evening with her Great Grandpa who is hanging on but I am preparing for his passing.
I swam and hung out for a while at Susans with her and Marissa and Marissas new friend. Then I thought I could be young again and drink with Mandy. HAHA I didnt wake up until 2pm Saturday my whole day was SHOT!!BUT I did stay up and get page kits packed for next Friday and Ryan and I went to Newkirk for dinner which was nice he usually likes to stay home. We took a spin in the Vette and away we went and it was nice for us.
Well on to another week a short one at that. Ready to hang with my girlfriends.