Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well this was from the wedding last weekend in Omaha.

The weekend was way too fast it seemed like we hardly saw the family with the hustle and bustle but Maria the bride was a beautiful woman and John is blessed to have her.

Today is Thanksgiving and we are going to my mother in laws to relax and eat. I will go see my family this weekend and help with Christmas.

I plan to knit a scarf this weekend and put up Christmas and design a card for a card swap. Wish me luck!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Where do I begin? Crop Camp has passed I spent last weekend with some good hubby time, this friday I leave for Omaha for a wedding. Umm what just happened? OH and I got my fingers wrapped in my hand held blender this evening so typing is just peachy fun right now.

I am about to finish the mitten to match the first mitten I knitted in October, hoping it all matches when the second one so the pair is matching.

Finished my 3rd made calendar from Crop Camp weekend, I would post pictures but I took 1! I just wanted to observe and enjoy and be in the pics I guess.

Promise to post pics of Omaha but gotta go rest the blended fingers and ice em again.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hey Everyone. In 5 days we will all be at Crop Camp. Amazing thought considering I packed 95 goodie bags last night and finished my class, rode to Wellington with my dad on his motorcycle and did all the dirty laundry in my house cleaned my bathroom as well as scrubbing the tile grout. That was just yesterday.

Its a no wonder I woke up completly exhausted today, no big shocker there huh?

I did order some pics, went to the store, packed my breakfasts for the week and planned meals for the week as well. I partially packed my clothes and still need to get scrapbook kits together but its time to study now.

Thought I would share a pic of our whole family that went on the cruise with us. See the yellow dress my neice is wearing. My grandmother made that for Carlee to wear in Ryan and Is wedding 6 years ago :)