Sunday, March 30, 2008

OK My hope is that you all can read the image to the right here
and it helps you to pack page kits.If you cannot I will email it to you. Little problem with this, here is some advice. IF you plan to clean off your harddrive at work with personal stuff make sure you home computer can accept it BEFORE you delete it. That one was a freebie there.
So here is the golden key that we have worked towards. Post with questions and I will check daily. Monday is end of the month and end of the quarter at work for me. Tuesday is Violin practice at 5:30 pm then my Aunt and mom are coming over to finalize our "Fun Passes" for the cruise.
Wednesday, Kathy and I meet Shandra, Steff and Rocky at the Camp. Thursday is freak out and anxiety attack day along with a soccer game and packing etc. NICE HUH?
Email me too if you prefer not to post. Looking forward to Crop Camp and the garage sale and Maggies cooking and cool shirts CAUSE THEY ROCK THANK YOU KATHY!! And a big pat on the back for Shandra she is the most organized this year EVAH!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something to share in case you do not get the CK Newsletter 30 days of sketches that will make it extra handy to pack page kits :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

So lets get organized. Sorry I have slacked, still doing lots of personal sorting and purging and trying to even things out right now.

THIS WEEK IS IMPORTANT!! Get all your pics that you want to take to Crop Camp out and sorted.
1st sort by page or theme, you know you cannot get more than 10 4x6's on a page so if you have 15 pick your favorite 10.
2nd make the piles of the page kits you are wanting to get together. Count the # of pics you have and make a note on a sticky or a page planning card along with the theme of your layout.
3rd find sketches to help you get a jump start on your layout. I always start by the # of pics and then onto the theme. If I have particular paper then I start by the # of patterned paper used so that I can get my $'s worth.
4th make a shopping list (so to speak) of how many patterned papers you will need, how many solids, whether you need ribbons, buttons, etc. Get at least 10 of these done.
Post here with questions and if I get enough who are going along with me I will post the next step early this week so we can be ahead before next weekend.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well I have been tagged by Leslie and since not much else is going to occur on here this week because I have alot of sorting out to do in my head and I cannot do it publicly right now here goes:

1. I have a tattoo of Winnie the Pooh on my butt holding a balloon (dont ask I was 18)
2. I have what started as a smiley face on my toe is now a flower in honor of my best friend Dalana who died when I was 16 and then when I added the flower was when I met my soul mate and married him in 2002.
3. I HATE SHOES, I need to live where I can wear flip flops year around. My toes need to breathe.
4. I have to have a french pedi, no colors please, I like the clean look of it.
5. When having a milk and Reese's Eggs I always have 2 eggs and one glass of milk with 3 pieces of ice.
6. If I eat Oreos its 3 Oreos with 3 pieces of ice in the milk.
7. I always wash my feet before bed if I have been barefooted at any time during the day.
8. I sleep with flannel sheets, an electric blanket at 2, down blanket and quilt all in that order.
9. I will drink a bloody mary with a Bud Light any day over any drink
10. I would never free bush it no matter the consequences even if it meant wearing a thong which I hate those something fierce.

MY 5 are Shandra; Kathy, Roeder; Tracy and Liz

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi Ladies~ Just a quick note that the organizational post will be coming later today I have some Crop Camp stuff that is taking 1st priority right now then I will move on to the organizational stuffs.

I met Shandra at Starbucks in Ponca yesterday and she is doing so well. We rarely get to sit down and just talk it always seems to go to the biz side and sometimes that is neccessary but not yesterday. I learned alot about her and her family and her background and I feel alot closer to her now, these are things I didnt know but am glad to.

Kathy, Michielle and I will be driving to Tulsa for the funeral tomorrow and plan to do something for her when she returns to Winfield on Tuesday. If you are interested in being a part of that email me so I can get that going.


Thursday, March 13, 2008


We would like for all of you to know that Shandra's (Shandri-La; DJ Jazzy Shandra) mom passed away this morning. PLEASE PLEASE say lots of prayers for Shandra, her girls and her family. She is in Tulsa with her family now and alot of us will be touching base with her. Things with Crop Camp may slow down or some emails may not get answered immediatly but please know that it is because we are spending our time supporting her. Please keep her in your prayers.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Only 42 days till our cruise!! Hello how nice is that?

Well I have to give a big thanks to Shandra, Kathy, Diann, Susan, Marissa, Mandy, Michielle, Liz and Tracy for the wonderful birthday dinner at Kobe's last night.
And to Steff, Sarah, Renee, Kristy and the rest of the Attic Croppers for a fun night last night and to ALL of you for the great gifts. Diann made a special coaster just for me that reads "Be nice to me, skinny bitches are people too!" Soo Fitting.

So to the organizational posts and I will throw in a few pics from last night. This week I will be working along side you. Its embellishment week. I have created a basket full that I did not hang back up on my Clip It Up I know naughty naughty. So what we do in class and what I do at home is dump out the basket and divide into categories. Alphabets, Bellies (such as brads, eyelets, button etc) Flowers, Girly (or boy if you dont have the girls) Holidays, Love (which could go into holidays) Quotes and Miscellaneous.

Next I sort all the stuff into these categories, you could go farther and sort all your alphabets by letter and group more than one letter together in a zip loc. ALL of my brads, buttons, flowers are sorted and grouped by color. This works best for me because when I go to embellish a layout I know what colors I want to do it with so I get those bags and dump em out and pick out what I want.

Set aside a good amount of time for this, I know this seems daunting but it will all lead up to getting our page kits ready for Spring Crop Camp!! I will post pics soon I have tried twice now and blogger is busy DARNIT!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hello Everyone!! At this point we are going to hope that I can get my computer monitor fixed at home. It croaked sometime yesterday and I have class registrations stuck on there. Not good soo not good. I may or may not be able to post pics from my birthday party tomorrow but I will let you know or if you see em it will be a suprise!!

And lets hope the organizational post can be made pending I have a monitor that actually works and doesnt taunt me :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Its show and share time. Everyone get into a circle now are we ready?

Here are the infamous socks, the blue is mine, snickerdoodle khaki is Ryans. I am about done with my matching one to complete its pair then on to his. Carlee will be next she wants BRIGHT colors so I will be excited to start those

Next is my scrapbooking room as of like 5 minutes ago. I have a pile for Aweso{me} class Saturday, a Crop Camp pile which includes all the stuff that needs to be sorted to go with me. Makes all of you who took my organizational class really assured right now huh? I KNOW I KNOW I will clean it AFTER my birthday.

And also the Crop Camp book I have spent at least 10 hours on and am still not 100% happy but thats ok. Right now all you get to see is the outside the inside will be revealed when I teach the class at Crop Camp and there are some fun elements in this little gem.

Organizational Tips For March:

I am posting now, because at 10 am yesterday morning I cut myself off from my studio because I had spent a good percentage of my weekend in there preparing my Crop Camp class and I am still struggling. I have to give a thank you to Liz because she made me repeat to myself "My work is not ugly, my work is not ugly" Good Karma that girl has.

Sooo. Crop Camp classes will start showing up periodically soon on the website so check them out. YOU MUST register for them online, I have to have a print out and thats how I get it.

So your goal this week is to get your paper organized because on March 30th we will begin packing page kits. This week go to your paper stash and first organized all your solids by color. Trust me this will come in handy later. Next is your patterned paper, you can either organize by A) Manufacturer B) Color C) Pattern or D) Theme.
The way to determine this is how you search for paper when you need it. Do you remember the company or the theme etc. Set a timer and spend at least 30 minutes while you are watching your favorite shows or just quite time and start to sort. Use post its and mark your piles so if its a few days before you get back to it and you may forget what that pile was. This too will become important when we pack page kits so you arent hauling your whole room with you to Crop Camp. Please post on here if you plan to take this journey this month so I can email you with encouragement and get back quickly with ?'s too.

Lots of exciting things coming up and I hope to get to share with you all. April 4-6 is Spring Crop Camp of course. The night of April 26th we will load up and head to Galveston, Carlee and I are baording a ship with family and going on a 7 day cruise. We return on the 27th and on May 2nd I will get to see him in concert. Thank you to Dave and Shandra for hauling me along, dont mind being the 3rd wheel if my view is of him.