Monday, March 03, 2008

Organizational Tips For March:

I am posting now, because at 10 am yesterday morning I cut myself off from my studio because I had spent a good percentage of my weekend in there preparing my Crop Camp class and I am still struggling. I have to give a thank you to Liz because she made me repeat to myself "My work is not ugly, my work is not ugly" Good Karma that girl has.

Sooo. Crop Camp classes will start showing up periodically soon on the website so check them out. YOU MUST register for them online, I have to have a print out and thats how I get it.

So your goal this week is to get your paper organized because on March 30th we will begin packing page kits. This week go to your paper stash and first organized all your solids by color. Trust me this will come in handy later. Next is your patterned paper, you can either organize by A) Manufacturer B) Color C) Pattern or D) Theme.
The way to determine this is how you search for paper when you need it. Do you remember the company or the theme etc. Set a timer and spend at least 30 minutes while you are watching your favorite shows or just quite time and start to sort. Use post its and mark your piles so if its a few days before you get back to it and you may forget what that pile was. This too will become important when we pack page kits so you arent hauling your whole room with you to Crop Camp. Please post on here if you plan to take this journey this month so I can email you with encouragement and get back quickly with ?'s too.

Lots of exciting things coming up and I hope to get to share with you all. April 4-6 is Spring Crop Camp of course. The night of April 26th we will load up and head to Galveston, Carlee and I are baording a ship with family and going on a 7 day cruise. We return on the 27th and on May 2nd I will get to see him in concert. Thank you to Dave and Shandra for hauling me along, dont mind being the 3rd wheel if my view is of him.


Michielle said...

WTH??? How can YOU, our beautiful Alicia, EVER think that her work was 'ugly'??...again I say, WTH??!!! I love what you come up with. Your work is an inspiration!!! Love ya, Michielle

Liz S said...

YOU MUST ORGANIZE YOUR PAPER BY COLOR, IT'S THE BEST!! I took Alicia's organization class at the Attic and have sorted my paper this way ever since and it's made a huge difference. No more searching through the pile to find the color I need, I just to that section and there it is!!

Alicia, I have another mantra for you to chant.....

I am beautiful person and it shows in the work I do.

Repeat that several times an hour.

Love you


wolffx5 said...

I can't believe that we will be gone at the same time. I just realized it! We leave the 26th also for Florida! Disney World look out!