Sunday, July 19, 2009

so this is an addition to my ispiration board for my Big Picture Scrapbooking Class with Jenni Bowlin. My goal next weekend is to hit some antique stores I plan to approach my mom in joining me her and my dad did this for years but I couldnt figure out why. Its because she knew what she was looking for and I was never looking for anything until now.

I would appreciate prayers for Ryans Grandma B (Mickey Billingslea) she had a triple by pass surgery on Thursday and is working to survive the day to day of getting by, surviving and recovering.

I am working with Steffanie at Scrap Funattic on a class based on organizing your Clip It Up our goal is for you to leave with everything on it and ready to crop!

Any suggestions for books would be greatly appreciated. Carlee started softball practice for a traveling team and she is there for 2 hours and I get bored.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

what a fun weekend. so i sucked up and put my city living aside and went camping at the lake this weekend with my peeps. Kathy housed Myself, Carlee and Mandy so the AC was great for sleeping. Considering I now have a sunburn that looks like I have 2 tortilla chops on my chest because the rest is super bright red. whoops
The Carribean Island ROCKED!! just floating and chilling and relaxing was great. I laughed so hard all weekend my stomach hurts from the laughing and he sunburn. ouch
Carlee had a great time, she was a toddler the last time I took her camping so it was a neat experience for her and I am glad we did it.
Dave and Shandra came, along with Cindy Shandras sister and Mrs Diane and Cheri it was just so much fun!!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

So Friday during the afternoon this is where I was with Carlee. Mandy and her kids and parents were at Grouse Creek "Crickin" catching fish making their own water slides out of mud on the banks and swishing down some rapids so we joined them. Fun dirty stuff with minnows nibbling on ya.
4h of July Carlee and I swimmed with My mom and Lena and Sister and then I took her to meet her dad. I then ate with the family and went to the north end of Ark City to watch fireworks. Ryan made it join us along with his parents so it was so sweet!!
Today I am working on my Big Picture Scrapbooking class with Jenni Bowlin projects . A trip to Michaels, Scrap Funattic and Ark City. I will show my inspiration board when the class is all done in 10 weeks. Patience...