Sunday, July 12, 2009

what a fun weekend. so i sucked up and put my city living aside and went camping at the lake this weekend with my peeps. Kathy housed Myself, Carlee and Mandy so the AC was great for sleeping. Considering I now have a sunburn that looks like I have 2 tortilla chops on my chest because the rest is super bright red. whoops
The Carribean Island ROCKED!! just floating and chilling and relaxing was great. I laughed so hard all weekend my stomach hurts from the laughing and he sunburn. ouch
Carlee had a great time, she was a toddler the last time I took her camping so it was a neat experience for her and I am glad we did it.
Dave and Shandra came, along with Cindy Shandras sister and Mrs Diane and Cheri it was just so much fun!!