Tuesday, October 30, 2007

WOW. I am not even sure where to begin. Saturday was chaos from 7:30 till almost midnight. I do have pics but with Crop Camp starting for us 3 in 2 days I am not ready at all.

Friday we went to the Circus with my inlaws and all 3 kids and it was the coolest seeing the kids reactions and the elephant had BLING, seriously how much do you think it took to make the elephant sparkle all pretty.

Saturday was Arkalalah and bonfires and pumpkin carving in the middle of the kitchen floor at 9 pm at night

Sunday I had full intentions of packing and preparing for Crop Camp but I was worn out from the 4 days before.

Last night we packed goodie bags and divided up prizes in between buildings and got the silent auction items ready, I have a serious feeling that is where the money will be going there are some great items from the local business's and there are things I MUST HAVE! It was nice coming home to dinner, I had worked late and Ryan had dinner ready when I got home I am just so lucky to have him and he to realize when I am stressed but hate to ask for help.

Tonight I plan to get Carlee to violin and cook dinner and begin the process of packing and loading to be prepared to work even later tomorrow night while all the little spooks are out and about. If you live near me Hannah Montana will be on our porch.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Looks whose pretty faces made the Winfield Courier today, does this make us celebrities?

New question for Friday :)

One of us 3 has locked her keys in a vehicle.

Who was it and which Crop Camp?

Ready Set Crop!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

OK OK Ida Wins. She threw out her shoulder playing softball.

Liz I gotta ask what short sheet is.

And are my panties safe now?

I prefer fake spiders if neccessary.

You ladies get vicious. WOOWEEE

New question tomorrow. This is fun, is everyone having fun yet?
New Crop Camp Trivia!!!

Are you ready? Here is the question, the night we met one of us had their arm in a sling. Who was it and what caused it?

K Go!

Susan Camp is our winner. The correct companies name was Scrap In A Snap!! Yaa Susan I will have a gift for you on Friday of Crop Camp!!

Here is a little Crop Camp Memory jog from our Summer Crop at Kaw lake. OOOH the stories that come with this one.
Can't wait to see you all next week. There is a big Mixed Martial Arts fight in Wichita that I am missing seeing a friends son Tyler Stinson fight but its worth it to see you ladies 2 times a year :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who wants to win a prize? OK if you guess this correct I will have a prize for you at Crop Camp. R U Ready in honor of Crop Camp in 10 days who can answer this questions correctly:

What scrapbooking company brought Shandra, Kathy and I together?

Monday, October 22, 2007

I had to have a picture. No particular reason only the fact that a little fact you may not know about me. I love pinup art. The old 50's & 60's kind. So if you ever see this kinda of stuff please let me know. I plan to have some of this type of art in my bathroom one day.

Soo many things going on around here. We are having a Crop Camp meeting tomorrow night to finalize some things. The art work with everyones name for the shirts is being finalized soon I am just verifying spelling of names. If we have mispelled your name before please let me know. THNX

Girls who are in my Biz Card Swap I have gotten some great questions and tips and here is one from Amy David:

I discovered that if you find a good picture that youwould like on the card, printing off a 'contact sheet'or even a 'thumbnail' sheet makes the pictures smallenough for the cards without any distortion of thepicture. I printed out 35 on one 8 1/2x11 sheet of photo paper.

We have the Arkalalah Night parade and rides Wednesday night in AC. This is a big thing from my hometown of parades and rides and food and crafts. Thursday night we are kicking back, Friday night we have the Circus in Wichita with my in-laws. Saturday day is ALL Arkalalah crafts parade etc and Saturday evening I have 2 get togethers I was invited too. If its cold you know this skinny bitch. The only place you will find me is under my blanket in my chair :)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend. We found out that our Graves Drug store in Ark City has installed an old fashion soda fountain so if you ladies plan on going into Ark City to shop go in early enough before they close and take some great pics and enjoy the soda fountain I hear its awesome and I plan to go check it out on Wednesday. Chat soon TTFN

Friday, October 19, 2007

This is it. The fun, looks like it huh? If you are in Oxford with me and would like to do this altered address card swap please email me at raday@cox.net. I will get final counts in a week but I am making up about 40 cause you never know when you might need one :) I will send out emails to all the girls in the building too in the morning. These measure 2 x 3 1/2 email me with any ?'s. Have fun!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Here are 3 of my 4 Aweso{Me} Pages from Summers Saturday class. I am sorry I couldnt be there but Kathy brought my stuffs to me and I have been working hard to catch up. Tomorrow my goal is to find some of those KI Memories Letters for the 4th page.

If you have thought about taking this class PLEASE DO! Kathy and I do and if you live in Winfield or AC we can carpool! But seriously from an instructor I love this class. Summer is great goes over the project and pretty much says "Go and if you need help or support I am here" You can do your own thing and "its all good" I love that!!

Lots of Crop Camp in my office right now, schedules, classes maybe a suprise or two who knows. Trailer Trash Girls email me sometime Donna W and I have talked about something for our building wanna get some take from you other Hotties :)

Carlee had parent teacher conferences this evening and we have A's and B's but I still freak and worry is that normal?

Friday, October 12, 2007

I love it when you hold the camera out in front of you and it actually takes a great pic!! It seems alot of ours that we both love derive from stretching your arm out as far as we can :)
This is the Crescent Hotel where we spent our honeymoon because our cruise got cancelled. But it was perfect for us, laid back, did some shopping got massages and just relaxed. I think that is why we both love this place. We get there let a breath out and just chill.
This is our car in front of one of the many healing springs on the historic route of Eureka Springs.

The Amazing art wall. Each is a seperate panel that a different artist created. Eureka Springs is brimming with amazing art talent, dont ever pass up seeing the local art or hearing a local band the talent is uncomparable to anything I have ever seen.

Monday, October 08, 2007

This is the view of the Basin Park Hotel from the parking lot and we walked up a outdoor flight of stairs.
This was in the elevator, notice all the toes. I will crop those out when I have time to work on my photos :)
What a beautiful sight. I cannot even begin to explain in words how gorgeous and historic this hotel and the buildings in this area are.
Night shot looking up at the balcony where we had dinner Friday evening. I have been coming to this city for years and always wanted to eat here and never did. Charlotte and Buzz Houston were our hosts they have been friends with my in laws for years and live on Beaver. Charlotte could be a tour guide for this city. I would pay big bucks to wander the streets with her.
Well today begins our tour of Eureka Springs one of the best places to visit and relax and enjoy some time with your hubby. This for us is one of the most relaxing places that we both can let a deep breath out and enjoy ourselves.
This is where we spent dinner on Friday evening we were on the 5th floor balcony you can see the canopies of the stores below and the roads. Enjoy more to come, Vette pics tomorrow :)

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hey Ladies~
Yes I am still here. Just got back from spending 3 glorious days with Ryan and my in-laws and 7-8 other couples. June I love ya chick you are soo going to be a Crop Camp groupie.
I filled 2 disks full of pics so I hope to share some of my favorite places in Eureka Springs with you soon. Such a good time and much needed by ourselves time for Ryan and I. Now its time to shift into Crop Camp gear which is pretty much 5 gear from here on out. Check out the classes on the site they are filling up fast. And the shirts are going too! Even people who can't make it are buying em, you know thats HOT!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A little Daisy D's and some fall lovin for ya!! Get ya in the mood for my favorite season and holiday!

Monday, October 01, 2007

PSSST! I got a secret!

Come closer...closer

All the classes are up on our website www.cropcamp.com and you can sign up for them there.

Round of applause for Kathy for her hard work to make this all happen for us YAAAA!!