Monday, October 22, 2007

I had to have a picture. No particular reason only the fact that a little fact you may not know about me. I love pinup art. The old 50's & 60's kind. So if you ever see this kinda of stuff please let me know. I plan to have some of this type of art in my bathroom one day.

Soo many things going on around here. We are having a Crop Camp meeting tomorrow night to finalize some things. The art work with everyones name for the shirts is being finalized soon I am just verifying spelling of names. If we have mispelled your name before please let me know. THNX

Girls who are in my Biz Card Swap I have gotten some great questions and tips and here is one from Amy David:

I discovered that if you find a good picture that youwould like on the card, printing off a 'contact sheet'or even a 'thumbnail' sheet makes the pictures smallenough for the cards without any distortion of thepicture. I printed out 35 on one 8 1/2x11 sheet of photo paper.

We have the Arkalalah Night parade and rides Wednesday night in AC. This is a big thing from my hometown of parades and rides and food and crafts. Thursday night we are kicking back, Friday night we have the Circus in Wichita with my in-laws. Saturday day is ALL Arkalalah crafts parade etc and Saturday evening I have 2 get togethers I was invited too. If its cold you know this skinny bitch. The only place you will find me is under my blanket in my chair :)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend. We found out that our Graves Drug store in Ark City has installed an old fashion soda fountain so if you ladies plan on going into Ark City to shop go in early enough before they close and take some great pics and enjoy the soda fountain I hear its awesome and I plan to go check it out on Wednesday. Chat soon TTFN


Michielle said...

Hiay Chickie!!!
I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that pinup photo!!! How cool is THAT??!!! What a neat thing to collect!! Man, girly, sounds like you will by super busy this week and weekend. I'm sitting here this morning watching the weatherbug, hoping that it doesn't drop too much more......MY POOR PLANTS!!! I really need to work on getting them inside TODAY!!! I think that you have always spelled my name right.....remember, an extra "i". Love ya.....Michielle

Michielle said...

oh yeah,.......did you laugh your arss off about my computer struggles yesterday!!! How frustrating......but it IS kinda funny now.