Wednesday, January 25, 2006

So I am reading a book my husband bought, amazingly enough it's the 1st book I have read in a long time that isn't scrapbooking related. Its called "Please Understand Me:Character & Temperament Types" by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates. VERY VERY interesting. It explains why people are they way they are. Why we are all different and have different moods and beliefs. Have had several lightbulbs come on with this one. I found out my type is ESFJ which is an Extrovert: Sensation; Feeling and Judging. My hubby the psych major called it right. I have had to look up a few words, but it still has kept me intrigued and interested.

Monday, January 23, 2006

5 people I would like to meet in my life.....(alive or dead)

1) Marilyn Monroe - because she was a model but not a paper thin model, because she was a playboy playmate and wasn't a rail.

2) Hugh Hefner-smart business man, would love to pick his brain.

3) Oprah - too many reasons to list

4) Rachel Ray - because I didnt like cooking till I learned her way.

5) Princess Diana~SOO many reasons, the way she raised the boys, how she dealt with the royal family, how she followed her heart, how strong she was, haw charitable she was.

Friday, January 20, 2006

) Tell me about the best pet you have ever had?
My persian/himalayian mix her name was Sissy. She had awesome blue eyes and was fuzzy and lovey. We had a babysitter who accidently let her out and she didnt know cars. I still want another one like her.

2) What is the one place in this world you want to go to more than anywherelse?
Somewhere I can lay on the beach with my Hubby and just "be there"
& Walt Disney World with my daughter, before she gets too old.

3) With all the news these days - like from Mr. Osama - Do you feel safe?
I feel that if its my time, its my time, God makes that decision, not I.

4) Friends (reruns) last night made me wonder this - Is there really such a thing as a "self-less good deed"? I feel donating clothes, and helping out people no matter the scenerio, when you give yourself and there isn't a reward it is self-less.

5) What is the one scrappin tool or thing you want, but can never seem to find?
Oh well the new stamps that Elsie Flannigan designed SO WANT THOSE!!
A challenge from 2Peas posted by Scrapladyb her blog is

List 5 things that consistently worry you - each day. By opening ourselves up, we always learn more about ourselves. This would make a great layout/scrapbook page in our albums.. for people in our lives down the road, to really catch a glimpse of the person we truly are, deep inside. Be honest. Be real. What worries you? I know we all need to worry less, because really we should only be concerned about today.. but let's face it, we all have worries. What are yours?

1. I worry about money, not providing my part for our family
2. The health of Mom and FIL who are dealing with some things
3. Carlee~ her grades, writing and spelling are her struggles, the hard stuff like math and science a breeze for her
4. Being a good wife, am I doing everything I can to make my hubby feel important and loved
5. Being a good mom, am I raising her right, am I disciplining too much or not enough. Am I too rough or just right?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Amazing how some days you seem so bored and other days its crazy. My next 9 weeks will be crazy, hubby and I are working on an album for a couple that he and his dad built a house for. Crop Camp is 9 weeks away so besides getting the biz side ready I have lots of page kits to prepare and figure and organize.
Yoga has been great, so glad I started again, I already have felt better and less tension makes me soo relaxed I can't get much done at home though!
Read Stacy J's book for the 2nd time and am working on my tags. Wanna get some things done this weekend and play so I am hoping that is in the stars for me. My little and only one turns 9 next friday, hard to stomach that, just means I am 6 weeks away from being 29, a # I dont like today or any day.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

So today was banking day for Miss Carlee and we were discussing her savings acct she has at her Nanny's(her dads mom) and what it was for. She said it was an acct for their cars, so when its time to buy a car they could use that money, so I casually asked her what she would want to buy her reply, "A corvette, just like Ryans(my hubby) except I want pink!" I said I dont think I had ever seen a pink one I bet hers would be the first and only one around here!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The is the challenge from Plastic's Blog. I love that she keeps us on our toe toes!
I am doing this to pass the time as everyone is getting Scrapbook Answers DT Calls except me :(

1. If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I'd be a dental hygentist
2. If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I'd learn how to ride a motorcycle
3. If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I'd submit more often
4. If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I'd learn to relax more.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Yoga~such a cool word. I started up again today and realized how out of touch I am with my whole body. My left knee shook , it just couldnt take the weight, amazing at almost 29 I am this way. Still love it though, loved the relaxation part where she gave us heated herbs to relax with. Hopefully I will start sleeping again at night, that my body gets centered again one day and relieves me of the stress and lets me be relaxed again. I hope...someday....

Friday, January 13, 2006

SO the class was awesome!! I had 9 ladies who just had a blast and did such a great job. I had 2 new ones too which I love to share my habit with people. I looked pretty ragged after class being in high heels for 12 hours did not benefit me at all. I hope to have a good hair day with the new do soon and I promise to take a pic so you ladies can put a face with a name. Hopefully I can figure how to do it.
Been inspired lately with the doodling and after seeing Plastics pages this morning I was soo glad I bought a white gel pen last night, can't wait to see the results of it. Crazy thing is, I was never a doodler, never have been, maybe my inner doodler needs let out!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

So... I am teaching an altered block class tonite. Little nervous, I have 10 wonderful ladies who have practically attended every class I have taught from when I started no matter where it was. I love that feeling. I am excited and I hope they feel the $ are worth it. Always worry about that.
Got a new "do" yesterday. I took in like 10 pictures of Elsie Flannigans hair cause it was just soo dang cute when I met her at CKU-KC. Crazy that I have always taken in scrapbookers hair cuts over the last 2 years. What an impact this industry has been on me.
Hubby and I have date night this weekend, looking forward to a little attention to me, spoiled I guess but I love his undivided attention. What girls doesnt like to be loved on?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This is a little fun thing that Plastic is doing, her blog is "Putting the Crap in Scrapbooking" Love challenges so here we go!

1) What color makes you smile? OOOh we have to pick just one, I can't I love pink cause its just a fun crazy color and black because its soo sophisticated(sp)

2) What is your food related pet peeve (is that how you spell it) ? Smacking prolly, so rude.

3) What is your favorite web site (besides 2peas)? Can't get enough of Elsie's blog, kinda like a website right?

4) What did you do on your last date? Went to eat and to see a movie

5) What is your favorite slang word? Its crazy but box. And its what we refer out girl part as. Guess you have to be there, but now you will think twice now when someone asks you for a big box!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kansas Weather~ What can you say, except I think that mother nature is on prozac and not taking her meds. Saturday it was almost 70 and just gorgeous, sunday the same a little cooler but not much, monday high 40's wake up this morning to 2 1/2" of snow. Are you kidding me!!! I know I should expect it, its January, but goodness, if I can wear capris 3 days ago and now I have to bundle up like a eskimo I am not a happy camper. One morning I made hubby promise that when we retire it better be a warm climate or if it wasnt, cause he loves colder weather, whens its yucky out I dont want to be required to leave the house. My Daughter LOVES IT!! Hoping it stays so her and Grammy can play in it thursday. But who knows here in KS, by thursday it could be 70 again!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Charity..its a word I use over and over with my daughter to make her understand how blessed she really is. She had all her new pj's piled on the floor and told me she had no more room in her dresser. I explained to her that maybe it was time to make room. Then we were rushed on to our next errand. I never thought she had time to do it, figured I would be reminding her again. But as I walked through the dining room I caught a glance of her favorite satin pj's in the donation pile. The PowerPuff Girl ones. I almost dropped a tear. These bright pink short pj's with a guy type cut top looked soo cute on her. And they were satin and shiny, girly girl just the way she likes it. I had to take a picture of that pile of clothes to freeze in time the fact that she is growing up. That PowerPuff girls arent the thing anymore. That they may actually be too small but that is too hard for me to face. She turns 9 this month and is only a head shorter than me. I plan to savor every moment I have with her, even if it isn't in those Powerpuff Girl pj's.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Quick Funny. For me to remember mostly. I picked up my DD and told her of the news of her Grampy Gearhardt she took it hard of course, my mom was there which helps when I can't talk due to crying. But I told her we could eat Chinese for lunch. Her FAV! And we invited my mom, she was concerned my dad wouldnt come, he doesnt think much outside of meat and potatoes. My daughter said "It's OK Grammy, Grampy can come they have human food" we all lost it! My mom corrected and said "I think you mean American food" It was the funniest!
Well Happy New Year! We were cropping today and everyone was stating their resolutions and I have been so busy with loosing my grandfather I never thought about making any, but I have decided to now..
1. Cussing less...can't help it, I work in a manufacturing plant, my croppers friends laugh at me like I am a drunk girl sailor.

2. Scrapbook more of everyday life. Thanks to Stacy Julians book for this one

3. Journal every here of course. I type better than I write. And journal all those scrapbook pages next to me right now cause they would be finished if I would just do it.

4. And spend at least 1 hour with my daughter every day. Whether reading or playing Horseopoly I am going to do it.

Well life is a bit different for me after loosing my grandfather. I look at the moon more because we use to do that. He would call me when we lived far away and even close by, when I was a little girl he would wake me up at night to eat peaches and look out the back window or sit in the back yard. He shared that love with my daughter as well so her and I will now do that. My mom told her there was a new star in the sky and I kinda believe that. Brings back the good memories when I think of that.