Thursday, January 19, 2006

Amazing how some days you seem so bored and other days its crazy. My next 9 weeks will be crazy, hubby and I are working on an album for a couple that he and his dad built a house for. Crop Camp is 9 weeks away so besides getting the biz side ready I have lots of page kits to prepare and figure and organize.
Yoga has been great, so glad I started again, I already have felt better and less tension makes me soo relaxed I can't get much done at home though!
Read Stacy J's book for the 2nd time and am working on my tags. Wanna get some things done this weekend and play so I am hoping that is in the stars for me. My little and only one turns 9 next friday, hard to stomach that, just means I am 6 weeks away from being 29, a # I dont like today or any day.