Sunday, January 01, 2006

Well Happy New Year! We were cropping today and everyone was stating their resolutions and I have been so busy with loosing my grandfather I never thought about making any, but I have decided to now..
1. Cussing less...can't help it, I work in a manufacturing plant, my croppers friends laugh at me like I am a drunk girl sailor.

2. Scrapbook more of everyday life. Thanks to Stacy Julians book for this one

3. Journal every here of course. I type better than I write. And journal all those scrapbook pages next to me right now cause they would be finished if I would just do it.

4. And spend at least 1 hour with my daughter every day. Whether reading or playing Horseopoly I am going to do it.

Well life is a bit different for me after loosing my grandfather. I look at the moon more because we use to do that. He would call me when we lived far away and even close by, when I was a little girl he would wake me up at night to eat peaches and look out the back window or sit in the back yard. He shared that love with my daughter as well so her and I will now do that. My mom told her there was a new star in the sky and I kinda believe that. Brings back the good memories when I think of that.


Michelle W. said...

Those are great! Good luck with this and happy new year!


melissa said...

happy new year to you too! your resolutions sound great-good luck :)

also I'm sorry to hear of your loss-you will be in my prayers