Wednesday, January 11, 2006

This is a little fun thing that Plastic is doing, her blog is "Putting the Crap in Scrapbooking" Love challenges so here we go!

1) What color makes you smile? OOOh we have to pick just one, I can't I love pink cause its just a fun crazy color and black because its soo sophisticated(sp)

2) What is your food related pet peeve (is that how you spell it) ? Smacking prolly, so rude.

3) What is your favorite web site (besides 2peas)? Can't get enough of Elsie's blog, kinda like a website right?

4) What did you do on your last date? Went to eat and to see a movie

5) What is your favorite slang word? Its crazy but box. And its what we refer out girl part as. Guess you have to be there, but now you will think twice now when someone asks you for a big box!!


Plastic said...

Thanks for answering the questions - I have heard box used that way before - but now it will crak me up everytime i hear it