Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Kansas Weather~ What can you say, except I think that mother nature is on prozac and not taking her meds. Saturday it was almost 70 and just gorgeous, sunday the same a little cooler but not much, monday high 40's wake up this morning to 2 1/2" of snow. Are you kidding me!!! I know I should expect it, its January, but goodness, if I can wear capris 3 days ago and now I have to bundle up like a eskimo I am not a happy camper. One morning I made hubby promise that when we retire it better be a warm climate or if it wasnt, cause he loves colder weather, whens its yucky out I dont want to be required to leave the house. My Daughter LOVES IT!! Hoping it stays so her and Grammy can play in it thursday. But who knows here in KS, by thursday it could be 70 again!