Friday, January 20, 2006

A challenge from 2Peas posted by Scrapladyb her blog is

List 5 things that consistently worry you - each day. By opening ourselves up, we always learn more about ourselves. This would make a great layout/scrapbook page in our albums.. for people in our lives down the road, to really catch a glimpse of the person we truly are, deep inside. Be honest. Be real. What worries you? I know we all need to worry less, because really we should only be concerned about today.. but let's face it, we all have worries. What are yours?

1. I worry about money, not providing my part for our family
2. The health of Mom and FIL who are dealing with some things
3. Carlee~ her grades, writing and spelling are her struggles, the hard stuff like math and science a breeze for her
4. Being a good wife, am I doing everything I can to make my hubby feel important and loved
5. Being a good mom, am I raising her right, am I disciplining too much or not enough. Am I too rough or just right?


A Horse Lover said...

You are the BEST Mom, Wife, Daughter and Friend that a person could be lucky enough to have - don't worry about those so much. You couldn't possibly give more of yourself than you do right now!

Wife2TJ said...

Reading all these its amazing how much of the same worries we all have in common.