Friday, January 20, 2006

) Tell me about the best pet you have ever had?
My persian/himalayian mix her name was Sissy. She had awesome blue eyes and was fuzzy and lovey. We had a babysitter who accidently let her out and she didnt know cars. I still want another one like her.

2) What is the one place in this world you want to go to more than anywherelse?
Somewhere I can lay on the beach with my Hubby and just "be there"
& Walt Disney World with my daughter, before she gets too old.

3) With all the news these days - like from Mr. Osama - Do you feel safe?
I feel that if its my time, its my time, God makes that decision, not I.

4) Friends (reruns) last night made me wonder this - Is there really such a thing as a "self-less good deed"? I feel donating clothes, and helping out people no matter the scenerio, when you give yourself and there isn't a reward it is self-less.

5) What is the one scrappin tool or thing you want, but can never seem to find?
Oh well the new stamps that Elsie Flannigan designed SO WANT THOSE!!


Plastic said...

I want elsie's stamps so bad too