Thursday, May 19, 2011

Where to begin:

Pictures will follow:
Got a call from Carlee on Saturday afternoon, she was at Waynoka with her dad 4 Wheeling. Yes you guessed it. A tree looked a little too close coming head on and she bailed off her 4 Wheeler and was complaining about her right arm, hand and wrist. I knew I had a two hour time frame so I gathered her insurance info and her indian card preparing to head out the door. Then the second call came that her dads mom "Nanny" as we call her had a heart attack and was being Life Flighted to Wesley. Shandra drove me and helped me keep my stuffs together as we got updates and got to the hospital and waited.
Sunday they took the tube out of Nannys throat and she began to talk. Thank Goodness
Monday I took Carlee to Newkirk to the doctor and they gave us a splint and sent us on to Ponca City Hospital for Xrays. It was obvious there was a break but we had to wait for a radiologist to read them. By Monday at 5pm we got no call. Carlee had 8th grade awards so we went to that.
Tuesday the call came but the Kaw doctor was out of town so Jane Kaufman scheduled us for 3:15 and Carlee is now sporting a purple cast. UGH!