Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can I get a drumroll please......

TADAA!! This is for my cards and mailbox class at the Arts and Humanities Council in Winfield KS on May 10th. You can contact them for more info on costs etc but its reasonably priced and will be tons of fun. 10 cards 5 designs and a cute mailbox to keep em in too how cool is that?

Yes there are only 4 here but I cant show it all to you that would spoil the fun!

Ok I have guilt. Guilt for not posting pics but you see I have a good excuse the camera is at the new house filled with before and during photos. No after photos yet due to a discovery of peeling paint in the freshly painted living room. So the only thing getting done in there is scraping to no avail of Shondelle who will hate me when I need a good mani :)

I am done with the cards for the Arts and Humanities class on May 10th and those WILL get posted tonight because I HAVE to get them to Laura for her return to the office tomorrow. I do soo much better with deadlines.

Started a new book you know for the down time I dont and wont have for the next month or two but sometimes I just need a brain break. Its called "Before you leap" By Kermit the Frog and I have heard lots about it so I will keep you updated. Heres a little quote from the book for today "My parents. They urged every one of us to follow our dreams-or at least to go some place else to play so they could finish their dinner in peace."

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cute pics huh? Wish I could make em bigger. If these were photos you took would you mind sharing the originals with me?
You can check out more new pics from Crop Camp at http://www.cropcamp.photosite.com there are some great ones!! Makes me miss all the ladies.
Well we are about a week away from closing on our new home and beginning the process of painting, painting and more painting. We also will start a time period of 6 months that we have to sell our home or make both house payments. EEK that will bite.
I finished knitting my bunny but he will have to stay hidden. Hopefully you will soon see his new and improved brother whose head isnt like a rectangle with holes. oops

Monday, April 09, 2007

Today's Baby Blues Comic Strip - ArcaMax Publishing

Today's Baby Blues Comic Strip - ArcaMax Publishing So this is a must see and read. Seriously cracked me up yesterday. LOVE this comic strip and everything thats involved with this family. I couldnt figure out how to put this picture in so this link with have to work :)

I wanted to say thanks to everyone for the prayers for Ryans Grandpa B. He passed away at 12:27 pm on Thursday and even though it was difficult it was a blessing. Even at 79 he was still a go getter up until the end fighting a battle that he lost to. We loved him dearly and are thankful our children got to know him and that I got to know him these last 7 years Ryan and I have been together. 40 years of marriage he and Grandma had and that says alot to me and the way that love truely prevails thru difficult times. I saw a whole new side to my husband the compassion and strength and helpfulness he showed to his family was the greatess I have ever seen from anyone. And such a strong and endearing man its difficult to even put it into words. Not that he ever reads this blog but "I Love You Honey and the things and the way you handled yourself this week will forever remain into my heart and has given me many more reasons to fall in love with you over and over again"

We were able to get keys to our house this weekend and show some friends and family. Our "To Do" list grew and grew. If you see me selling popsicles outside of Sherwin Williams its because we spent our paint allowance and we were needing more :)

Well ladies thanks again. Remember I am teaching this Thursday at the Arts and Humanities council for the "10 Things I Love" album easily can be used and reproduced for gifts so keep that in mind.

Thanks again for the prayers.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Isn't it beautiful? I finished after almost a month. 125 stitches 100 of those regular knitting the other 25 were yarn over knit 2 together and TADAA!! Its my first official project using a pattern. Scarves and disrags do not even come close to this. All made with love for friends of ours. Next is a cuddly bunny, but that bunny has kicked my butt and I am finally kicking its nice soft chenille butt and it actually is starting to get arms today :) Wish me luck!

How cool is this? What a great picture of some great looking chickees huh?
What a great weekend, Kathy has set us up a gallery at www.cropcamp.photosite.com check it out and if you have some to add please email them to her or myself :)
Please continue the prayers for Ryans grandad everyday we wake up hoping he can go to his heaven because he is in so much pain but there must be a reason God has decided to wait. So we just pray and pray.