Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cute pics huh? Wish I could make em bigger. If these were photos you took would you mind sharing the originals with me?
You can check out more new pics from Crop Camp at there are some great ones!! Makes me miss all the ladies.
Well we are about a week away from closing on our new home and beginning the process of painting, painting and more painting. We also will start a time period of 6 months that we have to sell our home or make both house payments. EEK that will bite.
I finished knitting my bunny but he will have to stay hidden. Hopefully you will soon see his new and improved brother whose head isnt like a rectangle with holes. oops


Liz S said...

Hi Again,

I love the pictures of Crop Camp but one's missing. Where's the "booby" picture?

Liz S