Monday, April 02, 2007

Isn't it beautiful? I finished after almost a month. 125 stitches 100 of those regular knitting the other 25 were yarn over knit 2 together and TADAA!! Its my first official project using a pattern. Scarves and disrags do not even come close to this. All made with love for friends of ours. Next is a cuddly bunny, but that bunny has kicked my butt and I am finally kicking its nice soft chenille butt and it actually is starting to get arms today :) Wish me luck!


Scrap*Funattic said...

OHHHH!! I love it!! I seriously want to have you sit down with me and show me how to knit - I've ALWAYS wanted to learn!! I tried to teach myself two years ago - the stuff is STILL sitting in the bag with the original "needle" thingys inside!! ha ha!! great work!!!

Liz S said...


If your giving knitting lessons COUNT ME IN. I tried teaching myself a few years ago too and gave up. I still have everything sitting in a bag somewhere too!