Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ok I have guilt. Guilt for not posting pics but you see I have a good excuse the camera is at the new house filled with before and during photos. No after photos yet due to a discovery of peeling paint in the freshly painted living room. So the only thing getting done in there is scraping to no avail of Shondelle who will hate me when I need a good mani :)

I am done with the cards for the Arts and Humanities class on May 10th and those WILL get posted tonight because I HAVE to get them to Laura for her return to the office tomorrow. I do soo much better with deadlines.

Started a new book you know for the down time I dont and wont have for the next month or two but sometimes I just need a brain break. Its called "Before you leap" By Kermit the Frog and I have heard lots about it so I will keep you updated. Heres a little quote from the book for today "My parents. They urged every one of us to follow our dreams-or at least to go some place else to play so they could finish their dinner in peace."