Friday, January 30, 2009

Arkalalah 2008

Live Laugh Love

You may have to just go to the link, this is my first attempt of something of this creature

Thursday, January 29, 2009

dinner.dinner dishes.load of laundry. studying.visiting with with mom. all of this since 6.

Job thing is still a little limbo we are waiting for the final word in writing yes we are staying open or no the date is april 1st pack your shit. either way we just need to know to move on. so many things in topeka leave it limbo

got a suprise family birthday party for Carlee tomorrow, not bad for being grounded. also gonna help Mandy plan her wedding which I am excited about and then pack for Ganza


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a new day but not much more info. I am sitting here thankful for my husbands positivness because I have none at all. I know it will be all ok it always is right? and you are never given more than what you can handle so I know i can. I have no regrets leaving Husky Liners over 6 months ago I have learned so much as far as dental assisting and medical and mental health so I will have a nice array of qualities to offer while I pawn myself looking for a job. lots of people and families are facing this so I gotta be positive and press on.

had an awesome Crop Camp meeting with Shandra and Kathy and am excited about Spring Crop Camp and the t-shirts which I hope to show you all soon.

Going to bed now the Dentist and I saw 15 patients today and I am exhausted.


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy 12th Birthday Carlee!!

This is her in all her cuteness glory. Less than one month old. See those chubby cheeks and those wrinkles and dark hair? OMG

That pink outfit has been borrowed out several times but I always get it back because it was one of my most favorites, it swallowed her but how could I resist its like a soft pink velvet almost satin.

On a morer somber note as I am sure some of you read here we were all getting the email of this just not at the same time. Firewall issues in Topeka but anyways. Lot of worrying for today and wondering how if this happens how we are going to survive, and my mom and aunt and the 200 employees out there. Just never thought I would be here in this position but I should never assume that I wasnt at risk as well.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Another exam done with a 90 again. Not happy if I wouldnt have over analyzed the questions I would have been fine. But I second guessed them and thats the rersult I should have went with my first instinct and didnt.

12 years ago today I was at the hospital dealing with labor, dealing with wanting to have this child and being told it was too early. Wanting a hot bath, wanting to sleep, wanting my mom and just overall being very needy. I guess it was my last opportunity to have the world revolve around me because it was going to dramatically change.

All 6 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches of a early baby girl who was just as chubby as all get out and the weather was just the same. Starting to get icy out, cold and it worried me. All my family was in Kansas and I was in Ponca. Mandy was there with me which helped, she tried leaving and did the next morning but barely got to work and they broke my water so I called her to come back. We caught Carlee's dad pulling out of the driveway as well but it wasnt until 4:40 pm on the 27th that she came. This pic is from about 5 years ago, I hope to load some baby baby pics of her tomorrow. hope you all have a good evening.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just completed Dental Specialties 1,2 and 3 and did the exam with a 90. The questions that confused me and I starred got me.

Moving on, my next shipment of books havent arrived yet so that may give me a day of break I hope.

Waiting on the WINTRY MIX due to get here, but for now I am off to bed. Tuesday is Carlees Birthday she will be 12 and I hate the word "Tween" but we are so there and I wish for the terrible twos again. Seriously all it required was bells on the shoes and there wasnt such things as, cell phones, my space and attitudes. She was just cute and chubby and only got upset when we didnt have a certain blankie. Now I am the mean mom, who just wants to steer her child into the right direction, a different direction than myself. The world is a scary place and she doesnt get why I need to protect her, but I have to, I know too well the things that can happen.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Well I have permission to go to bed now. STEFFANIE FINALLY UPDATED THE SCRAPFUNATTIC BLOG!! Look and we got the official ELETTER about Crop A Ganza. I have 15 page kits ready and just need to pack my solids. I am going to make cards inbetween pages for my grandma she is running low so I think I am good to go to CAG "Sweet Escape"

Speaking of crops I designed the Spring Crop Camp T-Shirt this morning laying in bed and I am soo excited I cannot even begin to tell you how thrilled I am with this one. Think patriotic but scrapbook style, yep arent you all glad that sometimes my head spins so much I cannot sleep?

I studied about 75 pages but I just cannot go on. Watching the rerun of UFC 91 to prepare to watch this guy I GSP fight next weekend. Luckily Crop A Ganza is the following weekend otherwise one of my crop friends would have been joining me at a bar so I could watch him fight :)

I hope everyone is getting along ok, I THINK i say this THINK got it fixed so that you can post comments so try it if not email me and if you know how to fix it how bout I just give you my password.

Bless Kat J's heart this morning she got out in 20 degree weather to help me download a font for the Crop Camp Ts design I have no patience so I did take notes and she is way too patient with me another cup of coffee and I could have grasped it. Maybe....


Friday, January 23, 2009

WHEW. Tired lady here. Left work at 4 went to Ryans office, then to the grocery store then home. Got home at 5 my sister got here at like 5:15 and it was a run after that. Just now sitting down to wind down and rest my back

I still have 10 page kits to plan and pack. Susan and I are challenging each other to get them done. I was reassured when she told me she hasnt done hers yet either and had no intentions this evening. So we are thankful it will be cold tomorrow cause I will want to hibernate and work on that goal then spend the rest of the weekend studying, FUH HUH?


Thursday, January 22, 2009

OOH SO SPENT. Spent the first 6 hours of the day with the dentist and the next 5 in mental health. I feel like I should be in there not working in there. Just cannot take any more info in this evening. Came home to a very helpful hubby and daughter. They were lessening the stress for tomorrow.

PAMPERED CHEF tomorrow night thats Friday at my house, excited but I am normally off work early on Fridays and it just so happens I cannot be because there are psych. appointments starting at 3 tomorrow. STARTING!! FABULOUS so how am I gonna make that all happen going to the store, mopping and getting ready by 6. Sonic X 2? Possibly I hope.

Blue and Hubby sleeping so cute on the couch, gonna sneak off and let them sleep tight.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so all is good. Dr. Cusik rocks LOVE HER if you ever have any breast issues she is the specialist to go to.
Kinda feel I got gipped on my mammo films. The films are HUGE & my breast takes up like 1/32 of 8 films it is HILARIOUS!! Hey Im a scrapbooker we can get ALOT OF THINGS onto one sheet of paper here come on people.
Anyways surgery is up to me, if it hurts enough she will remove it. I was ok with that until she said "You have already rec'd the million dollar treatment my guess is after the $2,000 to $3,000 MRI your deductible should be met and the surgery should be covered"

OK YA BUT WHAT DO I STILL OWE FOR THE MILLION DOLLAR TREATMENT. My fear is the bills that are still due to come thru its freaking me out. It does hurt but people live in pain everyday with way worse conditions so should I be so demanding? I just dont know.

What do you all think?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hello! I just finished suffering from hanging a curtain and grounding my daughter for 3 weeks and not in that order.

My suggestion if your child has a cell phone(we did not purchase this for her, her dad did and he was aware of this and supported a decision) PLEASE PLEASE read the text messages. It is not a privacy issue your kid still lives with you its protection matters. Needless to say, no phone, no email, no internet, no TV. She was only allowed 1 hour a night during school now its nothing and I just need time to take things in. At this age these kids do not know the meaning of "Love" and shouldnt use it freely its disheartening for me

Tomorrow I see the specialist for the removal of the tumor and I can't take time to prepare because I have to worry about my 11 year old who will be 12 next week.

Thoughts and prayers

Monday, January 19, 2009

Well I did it. Pharmacology and Anesthesiology, Dental Materials 1 & 2 300+ pages 60 questions and I got a 98 oohh thank goodness!! So now I am onto Dental Specialties. Oh My

Busy day around here, cookies made, furniture moved, pictures hung and lost of dust bunnies sucked up.

Going to work tomorrow to get prepared for missing monday but its was a holiday for us. I visit with the surgeon specialist on Wednesday and will let you know the results of that. Hoping to put off the surgery for a few months if she will allow it.

Pampered Chef party friday night at 6pm supporting my sisters new venture feel free to come by.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Study? Huh? Whats that? OOOH its the 131 pages over denture impressions I am avoiding right now.
Got the christmas lights down today, simmer down the outdoor ones, indoor have been gone since new years. Cleaned the bathroom, ironed about 6 scrub outfits, laundry, cooked a nice lunch, cleaned my scrapbook room and best of all today went and took Carlee to see HOTEL FOR DOGS. IT WAS AWESOME!! We both enjoyed it and cracked up and it was a good heartwarming story too.
Off for MLK Day tomorrow and niece and nephew gonna hang with Carlee I am going to study 2 hours, clean 2 hours and just rotate my whole day like that and see what I get accomplished. Wish me luck I HAVE to get an exam done tomorrow and am only 1/2 way thru the 131 pages.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

I realized I skipped yesterday but I was seriously busy. I made a challenge with Susan that we had to have 5 page kits packed ready for Ganza by midnight tonight. So I call her about 8 last night and I am journaling and eating popcorn not packing kits AND SHE WAS DOING THE SAME THING!! How crazy is that?

So I got down to the nitty gritty this afternoon and got 6 kits done pretty happy bout that. I have been using a new magazine I bought by Scrapbooks Etc called "Page Planner" and it is WAY COOL!! Loving the new inspiration.

Was devastated to read last night that after April Simple Scrapbooks will be no more. Stacy Julians blog tells the story I just got a pit in my tummy and got sad, I am a simple gal and always will be and it just breaks my scrapbooking, paper piercing, linear layout heart.

Anyways now I need to dedicate my time to getting some studying done, no work Monday for me Carlee is out of school but my sis in law Traci is a teacher and works so she is bringing Dayne and Josie over to hang out. thinking about working the child labor laws and making cookies :)


Thursday, January 15, 2009

See that girl with me? She and I have been friends since like middle school. I have been there for the birth of her kids and a marriage and a divorce. she has been there for my marriage birth of carlee divorce and marriage again.

Well when I got off work at 6 this evening i had a text message from her that read "Im getting married" OMG!! I am so excited for her.

She is so independent she is about to finish school to complete her RN degree, she has been a single mom with 3 kids during that process and has still done the kids homework been there for them done and run them to their activities and kept her finances afloat. I have always looked up to her and wondered some days how she does it but she does and thats just that. She doesnt need anyone to support her she just needs someone who gets her and he does and so do I. So to my BFF I Love Ya girl and CONTRATS!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOW what a day, got up at 6 at work by 7 worked in Mental Health until noon then started in dental at 12:30 until 6:15 now I am home. For about 30 minutes then off to get Carlee from Awanas.

Tired is so the key word, and my brain is full. Nope no studying tonight either, need to grasp the concept of the Mental Health Meds too much.

Gotta get motivated and get page kits packed for Crop A Ganza, its getting closer, I hope she updates the blog so I know whats up!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So is tuesday. I spent 6 hours working in the mental health department trying to figure out what the job entails. Our mental health secretary had a terrible accident after christmas. she had a seizure and fell down a flight of stairs at her home. unfortunatly if she does survive the coma she will never be the same. she was AMAZING at card and paper crafts its just so sad so any things she could have taught many of us.
So my new title is Mental Health Administrative Assistant 20 hours and Dental Assistant 20 hours until we get someone hired and I get someone trained when I figure out what I am suppose to be training on. I get these what I call "when I get irritated" headaches they use to only come courtesy of hubby but not anymore.....

Waiting on my mom to get here so that I can do her pedicure and she is going to wash out Carlee's ears (I hate that iicck!)

No study time this evening head hurts too bad, wouldnt be able to grasp the concepts after all the Mental Health Axis and Crisis Levels and meds required there isnt much room for much else today.


Monday, January 12, 2009

So Its Monday ya rah.

Worked today, my mom isnt felling too well and left early.

Got home and sat down to dinner and the phone rant. SERIOUSLY no matter what time I eat this happens every night and I am always reheating my dinner never fails.

Carlees best friend has lice and scabies, she hasnt been here since New Years but still concern is there for me a bit ya know. We saw the full scale of lice in kindergarten and it was weeks before we were free of it. Not sure what to do crying seemed optional and having the itchies ALL OF US suddenly do.

Got 10 pages done in an album for Tyler Groom and his mom. He is the 17 year old who recd a heart transplant last year and is doing FABULOUS they documented and saved everything mainly in fear of loosing him but she held and organized everything better than I would have. Me I would have been distraught and cried alot she documented everything its amazing the pics and articles and cards.

Well off to study and itch and study and panic


Saturday, January 10, 2009

good morning, I didnt post last night becase Susan and I didnt it my driveway until 1:30 ya all should understand I was just tired and hungry so off to bed I went.

8am the sun came up and so did I, came to the basement to sleep with my pillow and there was hubby, Felts and Romero down there. No sleepy for me might as well start my day and get motivated, I did get pages done last night so I plan to scan and share, shocker been too long since I did that.

I did get good news yesterday the tumor I have is benign but I was suggested that it get removed for safety purposes because it is pushing on nerves and tendons so its just best/

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am a few days off and I do apologize, where did we leave off?

Oh yes, had the lab blood drawn Monday, Tuesday had to do a TB skit test and shot for work so at this point I should be ok with needles right?

WRONG!! Went in for my Brest MRI Wednesday and she started the IV on my left hand and something about my veins rolling so she started on my right and started digging and the last thing I remember was it was hot and the room was getting dark and closing in on me.
That wasnt a good way to start being stuck on your tummy while your boobs(what little there are) hang in open holes for an hour. 45 minutes in the anesthesiologist came in to add the solution and once it was in the veins the shakes started so my fear is that those images wont be right. I just gotta pray.

So I did try going back to work but evidently PALE isnt my color and got sent home. Was sick all night just nautious and shakey and tired very tired.

This morning woke up feeling like a champ and it makes you appreciate waking up and feeling good knowing how you felt when you went to bed at 8:30 pm like 3 hours before your normal bed time.

Tomorrow is the funeral at 10 then I go visit my Dr. at 1:20 for results then on to Wichita for some friend time, no matter the results I am ready for that. just crop, relax and laugh all much needed.


Monday, January 05, 2009

where do I begin, since I last posted we found out that a good friend of my hubbies was tragically killed in Oklahoma City over the weekend the best place to read is here there is more info on the story and such at or and say some prayers for hubby, T-Hutt and Felts these boys come from the old school days of when you got mad you punched it out not did what the young boys do now of pulling out weapons. nuff said prayers

Still studying on the same exam..I KNOW I KNOW i am trying, its over XRays and I dont get it I just dont. I am hands on and probably will have the Dentist do several with me this week so I can get it. Just hope I do after that good golly someday its gotta stick right? All the dang abbreviations are killing me I need a flashcard of em all

Went and had my prelab blood draw for my MRI wednesday so I am one step closer to understanding whats going on in those little size A anthills of mine :)

Looking forward to Friday and some cropping and food and fun with the girls and forgetting all the drama and heartache surrounding us this week.


Sunday, January 04, 2009

So I returned the rollers, scary results, decided just to upgrade my curling iron. less bozo the clown. I wouldnt want to scare everyone.

Cleaning and damage controlling today just to get a head start on the week. I have about 10 pairs of scrubs that need ironed, gonna find something good to watch on tv and get around to that.

studied for about 5 hours last night still about 90 pages away from an exam I hope to get that accomplished this evening. Sometimes damage control at this casa takes longer than I estimate and I run into a new pile needing some assistance.

I have one more calendar to get ready and a long to do list before my little girls night of fun.

If your free January 23rd my house 6 pm food and fun

Saturday, January 03, 2009

ok so I didnt post yesterday, this new years thing isnt off to a good start.

I did however prepare to crop soon by page kitting organizing and getting pics printed. I figured it will prepare me for ganza and other little special birthday crops.

had lunch today in AC at Mozitos I end up craving the place, then stopped by my grandmas and tried on some scrubs she is making for me, could barely get them over the hips. Guess over the last 6 months I have gained some weight ooh just a bit but enough that we needed more room. Couldnt pretzel well enuf to pull them ALL the way up.

Now I have rollers in my hair trying something new. We shall see..

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yes I know its been over a month . My goal is to keep better track of this crazy life I have created for myself.

Classes are going great, my goal was to be completed before The Sweet Escape but thanks to Steffs blog post of it only being 38 days away SHUT UP!! NO WAY!! Yes so read here its not looking promising for me I still have 7 lessons to go.

Some of you may not know either that Wed Jan 7th I go for a breast MRI seems that even going thru a sonogram and a mammogram they cannot determine why I have gotten these lumps in the last 6-8 months and why they hurt and what they are. kinda odd so I hope for answers soon.

christmas was nice and I hope to post pics it was pretty quiet and calm i got some great jammies and sweater and vest so pretty lax.

Well there was day 1 of 2009 mre to come....