Wednesday, January 21, 2009

so all is good. Dr. Cusik rocks LOVE HER if you ever have any breast issues she is the specialist to go to.
Kinda feel I got gipped on my mammo films. The films are HUGE & my breast takes up like 1/32 of 8 films it is HILARIOUS!! Hey Im a scrapbooker we can get ALOT OF THINGS onto one sheet of paper here come on people.
Anyways surgery is up to me, if it hurts enough she will remove it. I was ok with that until she said "You have already rec'd the million dollar treatment my guess is after the $2,000 to $3,000 MRI your deductible should be met and the surgery should be covered"

OK YA BUT WHAT DO I STILL OWE FOR THE MILLION DOLLAR TREATMENT. My fear is the bills that are still due to come thru its freaking me out. It does hurt but people live in pain everyday with way worse conditions so should I be so demanding? I just dont know.

What do you all think?