Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So is tuesday. I spent 6 hours working in the mental health department trying to figure out what the job entails. Our mental health secretary had a terrible accident after christmas. she had a seizure and fell down a flight of stairs at her home. unfortunatly if she does survive the coma she will never be the same. she was AMAZING at card and paper crafts its just so sad so any things she could have taught many of us.
So my new title is Mental Health Administrative Assistant 20 hours and Dental Assistant 20 hours until we get someone hired and I get someone trained when I figure out what I am suppose to be training on. I get these what I call "when I get irritated" headaches they use to only come courtesy of hubby but not anymore.....

Waiting on my mom to get here so that I can do her pedicure and she is going to wash out Carlee's ears (I hate that iicck!)

No study time this evening head hurts too bad, wouldnt be able to grasp the concepts after all the Mental Health Axis and Crisis Levels and meds required there isnt much room for much else today.