Monday, January 26, 2009

Another exam done with a 90 again. Not happy if I wouldnt have over analyzed the questions I would have been fine. But I second guessed them and thats the rersult I should have went with my first instinct and didnt.

12 years ago today I was at the hospital dealing with labor, dealing with wanting to have this child and being told it was too early. Wanting a hot bath, wanting to sleep, wanting my mom and just overall being very needy. I guess it was my last opportunity to have the world revolve around me because it was going to dramatically change.

All 6 pounds 11 ounces and 21 inches of a early baby girl who was just as chubby as all get out and the weather was just the same. Starting to get icy out, cold and it worried me. All my family was in Kansas and I was in Ponca. Mandy was there with me which helped, she tried leaving and did the next morning but barely got to work and they broke my water so I called her to come back. We caught Carlee's dad pulling out of the driveway as well but it wasnt until 4:40 pm on the 27th that she came. This pic is from about 5 years ago, I hope to load some baby baby pics of her tomorrow. hope you all have a good evening.