Monday, January 05, 2009

where do I begin, since I last posted we found out that a good friend of my hubbies was tragically killed in Oklahoma City over the weekend the best place to read is here there is more info on the story and such at or and say some prayers for hubby, T-Hutt and Felts these boys come from the old school days of when you got mad you punched it out not did what the young boys do now of pulling out weapons. nuff said prayers

Still studying on the same exam..I KNOW I KNOW i am trying, its over XRays and I dont get it I just dont. I am hands on and probably will have the Dentist do several with me this week so I can get it. Just hope I do after that good golly someday its gotta stick right? All the dang abbreviations are killing me I need a flashcard of em all

Went and had my prelab blood draw for my MRI wednesday so I am one step closer to understanding whats going on in those little size A anthills of mine :)

Looking forward to Friday and some cropping and food and fun with the girls and forgetting all the drama and heartache surrounding us this week.