Thursday, January 15, 2009

See that girl with me? She and I have been friends since like middle school. I have been there for the birth of her kids and a marriage and a divorce. she has been there for my marriage birth of carlee divorce and marriage again.

Well when I got off work at 6 this evening i had a text message from her that read "Im getting married" OMG!! I am so excited for her.

She is so independent she is about to finish school to complete her RN degree, she has been a single mom with 3 kids during that process and has still done the kids homework been there for them done and run them to their activities and kept her finances afloat. I have always looked up to her and wondered some days how she does it but she does and thats just that. She doesnt need anyone to support her she just needs someone who gets her and he does and so do I. So to my BFF I Love Ya girl and CONTRATS!!