Thursday, January 01, 2009

Yes I know its been over a month . My goal is to keep better track of this crazy life I have created for myself.

Classes are going great, my goal was to be completed before The Sweet Escape but thanks to Steffs blog post of it only being 38 days away SHUT UP!! NO WAY!! Yes so read here its not looking promising for me I still have 7 lessons to go.

Some of you may not know either that Wed Jan 7th I go for a breast MRI seems that even going thru a sonogram and a mammogram they cannot determine why I have gotten these lumps in the last 6-8 months and why they hurt and what they are. kinda odd so I hope for answers soon.

christmas was nice and I hope to post pics it was pretty quiet and calm i got some great jammies and sweater and vest so pretty lax.

Well there was day 1 of 2009 mre to come....